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Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps at RM138/month for Postpaid customers

Maxis has started offering the Home Fibre Internet 10Mbps package from as low as RM138 per month, for Maxis postpaid customers. Back in mid-May, the same plan was priced at RM118 a month(no longer available), for a limited time. For standard new customers, the Maxis Home Fibre Internet 10Mbps has been reduced to RM148 a month instead of RM218.

The 10 Mbps Maxis Fibre Internet for Home package comes with unlimited calls to Maxis fixed lines, 100 free minutes to Maxis mobile numbers and 100 free minutes to fixed and mobile numbers in selected IDD destinations. Furthermore Maxis Postpaid customers get additional 100 free minutes on their mobile phone every month to call to any Maxis or Hotlink number. All Maxis Home Fibre Internet customers also get to enjoy free internet security and free devices under this package.

Details below:

  • Internet Speed- 10Mbps
  • Monthly fee- RM138 per month for Maxis postpaid customers, RM148 per month for all others
  • Free calls to Maxis mobile from Dect phone- 100 mins / month
  • Free calls to IDD destinations (Singapore, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Vietnam) from Dect phone(fixed and mobile numbers)-  100 mins / month
  • Free calls to Maxis fixed lines from Dect phone- Unlimited / month
  • Free minutes on Maxis mobile- 100 mins / month
  • Free devices- DECT phone and Residential Wi-Fi modem
  • Free value added services- Internet Security
  • Subsequent call charges to Maxis mobile and non-Maxis mobile- RM0.09 / minute
  • Subsequent call charges to non Maxis fixed lines – Local calls– RM0.05 / minute, Nationwide calls – RM0.09 / minute

Head of Maxis Home and Broadband, Ebru Dorman, said, “As the most affordable package in the market for 10 Mbps Fibre Internet service, we are proud to provide our customers with a truly enriching internet experience to be shared with the family. Besides having peace of mind with our fast and reliable internet service, customers are also able to enjoy substantial savings with this promotional offer, available to 1.2 million homes and offices in Malaysia.”

“Catering to consumer desire for faster speeds, at Maxis, we acknowledge that with packages lower than 10Mbps, customers may not get the best experience in running data-heavy applications. With this attractive package, Maxis allows customers to enjoy an enhanced experience for various online services, from browsing and social media to those that require high bandwidth such as uploading and downloading video content, online gaming, video-conferencing and other more sophisticated web applications all at the same time. This demonstrates our commitment towards supporting customers’ needs for high speed broadband services with attractive plans” added Ebru.

To subscribe to this limited period promotion, consumers can simply visit the nearest Maxis centre, Maxis exclusive partner outlets, specialist broadband dealers or apply online at the Maxis website.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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