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Social media is the king of mobile internet Malaysia says Opera

Malaysia may not have the fastest broadband connection in the world, but when it comes to surfing habits, Malaysians tend to stand out.

In this month State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software has revealed some statistic data on Malaysia which were collected anonymously via their servers:

Population: 28,318,000
GDP millions of USD (2009): 191,399
Mobile penetration: 34,456,000
Fixed line penetration: 4,573,000
User growth: 152 %
Page view growth: 321 %
Data usage growth: 241 %

Top 10 domains

  • Facebook.com
  • Google.com
  • Youtube.com
  • Twitter.com
  • Wikipedia.org
  • Digilive.my
  • Mudah.my
  • Maxis.com.my
  • Busuk.org
  • Wapday.com

Top 10 handsets

  • Nokia C3
  • Nokia 5130
  • Samsung GT S3850
  • Nokia X2 00
  • Nokia X2 01
  • Nokia 5800
  • Nokia 2700C
  • Nokia C1
  • Sony Ericsson J20I
  • Nokia 2690

Opera also revealed the other key trends in Asia Pacific:

  • Facebook is the undisputed top domain for most countries surveyed, with top placement in 16 of 25 countries.
  • The most popular sites are Facebook, Google and YouTube. In fact, this exact combination and order is repeated in most of the countries’ top three list of domains.
  • Only two countries, China and Japan, featured a different website as their top-visited domain.
  • Local news and classified sites are also popular in Asia Pacific countries. 16 out of the 25 countries have local news or classified sites in the top 10 lists, in strong competition to international news sites.
  • The country of Myanmar (Burma) sees particularly strong growth out of the larger Asia Pacific countries, with a 900% growth in users and 500+ % growth in pageviews.

From having 9% of Opera Mini users on smartphones in July 2011, the share of Opera Mini smartphone users in Asia Pacific countries increased to 32% in July 2012. Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam are also strong smartphone growth areas in the Asia Pacific region, based on anonymous and aggregated data from the Opera Mini servers.

In July 2012, there were over 205.7 million Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users. Out of this number, more than 18 million were Opera Mobile users, and the rest were Opera Mini users. Compared to July 2011, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile combined grew more than 43% year over year. Opera Mini users viewed over 116 billion pages in July 2012, and since then page views have increased by more than 57%.

To use Opera Mini or Opera Mobile, point your mobile browser to m.opera.com to download Opera browser.

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