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V2- What customers are saying about DiGi? [Opinion]

It was just a couple hours ago when I was talking to a friend on my phone and suddenly the call dropped unexpectedly. I wasn’t moving with full DiGi EDGE signal on my phone and so did the receiver who is also on DiGi EDGE. I avoid using DiGi 3G most the time as the call experience is far worse.

So this reminds me that I haven’t updated the post- “V1- What People are saying about DiGi?” for some time now. Here I am again 6-months later, looking at all the comments on what customers are saying about DiGi and it appears what I wrote back then, and what I’ve been commenting on DiGi for the past 2-3 years…..nothing has changed on DIGi.

But one thing is different now, I’m glad that more DiGi customers are voicing out their experience but I’m disappointed as the operator tend to turn a deaf ear. Just take a look at the number of complaints on DiGi’s Facebook page(also highlighted at the bottom of this post), I feel pity for DiGi and a lot of these comments are left unattended as DiGi lives “in their own world”. Thankfully, this is a public space and DiGi can’t run away from the fact that it gets more complaints related to network from its customers compared to the other key Telcos.

DiGi says that they are upgrading the whole network, almost 5,000 base stations, swapping to new equipments and quickly turning it on within 30 days, without any further testing or optimization, and the team moves on to the next base station. The reality is, it did not make a difference to customers, look at the recent complaints.

From my experience within the so called “upgrade areas”, I managed to get speeds up to “1.4Mbps” which is nothing compared to U Mobile’s 3-5Mbps average speed or faster Yes speeds. As DiGi swaps its network equipment, from Huawei to ZTE, it also affected the actual “before and after” coverage. Clearly an indication of a poorly deployed network, from planning to optimization. The slow speed, lousy coverage and frequent drop calls makes DiGi’s Tomorrow Network so yesterday. This isn’t a network what the world define as LTE, not even close.

Putting all issues aside and before I end this opinion piece with actual DiGi’s customer complaints, I would like offer DiGi some feedback/suggestions.

First, I really hope that DiGi could support and focus more at their network team instead of their poor marketing team(no offense but their videos related to “DiGi Network Upgrade” gained more negativity instead of popularity). Another advice- When you face network issue like the one last week, you do not tell customers “Hey we are sorry we let you down, here make a reload….“. This is bad marketing and a wrong timing to sell, especially not to upset customers. Probably DiGi should send their marketing team back to school.

Second, I don’t understand why DiGi is speeding up the network upgrade. From my observation, DiGi is doing it all at one go nationwide when they don’t have the man power and resources to do so. You can’t simply replace the base station equipment and move on. It is important that the network team ensures that the new base station is working as planned and this does not take less than 30 days! The right thing to do it is to fully upgrade and optimise the network region by region, and this probably take months for a really good mobile network. But this is not happening in DiGi.

Third, I was recently asked why customers are being loyal to DiGi when in general, most customers are not satisfied with their mobile services. There are 10 million DiGi customers out there and some 8 million of them are prepaid customers. I believe DiGi probably still offers one the best voice and SMS rates despite their Internet service is not done right. Over time, young Internet savvy customers may leave DiGi to another network provider but right now, what is DiGi compensating their customers in return for the poor 3G coverage, frequent drop calls and slow Internet speeds?

Fourth, DiGi issues up to 10 million bills every momth when it comes to paying up the bill or prepaid. Why is it so hard when it comes to contacting each and every customers to explain their poor service? Customers are charged for each call block, 30 seconds to 60 second, and they still pay for each block when the call drops. Perhaps DiGi still thinks that it deserves all the payment made by customers.

So here’s the conclusion. You may not agree with my opinion or you may have a different view but below are what customers are saying about DiGi. This is taken from their Facebook page alone(there are thousands of disappointing comments, I can only pick some of the latest). If you work in DiGi, I urge that you take a look at what your customers are saying below:

18 Sept- digi, pls fix your line more stable and clear lah. how long is your installation can be done? line putus-putus leh.

18 Sept- Halo digi. Don jus keep apologize oni la. … Do somthin leh… Ur line & service really suck

18 Sept- very sickening,digi line always disrupted,better think twice b4 u subscribe to digi.

17 Sept- Digi wan us to provide user better telco services so wat is Digi ur action plan n date completing or progress to gve us, user confident. By telling ur point but need progression oso. Don try to hold us.

17 Sept-  Hello Dear Digi, i would like to change to another telco provider from digi, which 1 do you think ii shall give it a try other then you? stable line, clear voice, line wont cut off while having conversation so that i dont have to redial to my love ones everytime, even while i’m inside a carpark building, or lift, best of all, its at a reasonable price.. better answer me quick, i’ll do the MNP next week, with 4 other ALL subline together.

17 Sept- What a load of rubbish your service still sucks

17 Sept- The coverage still terrible.. yawn.. never been fixed..

17 Sept- u seriously need to upgrade your coverage. I cant use my phone when I’m in indoors, malls, cinemas, carparks, klcc twin towers . your coverage in Station 18 Ipoh is also ZERO!! very disappointing ….

17 Sept-  You also got the same problem eh Qayyum? Me too. If i were you, i take a knife and kill their yellow guy brutally. I swear on my great2 grandfather’s grave!

16 Sept- Your connection at subang are sucks!

16 Sept- y not straight away give free 45 min talktime unconditionally since v’ve been supporting u for a long period but now u’re providing ‘this’ kinda service to us??

16 Sept- Digi suck… Suck service..

16 Sept- do u really take it as serious to this problem ??

16 Sept- we reload use your line get this kind of service ?

16 Sept- DiGi wastes our time and money in its bad services.

16 Sept- Yes, i’m agree with Pros Ks… Just feel that every month paid for nothing…

16 Sept- due to network…i decided to change Umobile… haizz..much dissapointed with Digi

16 Sept- Will change once contract expired………fxxk the fat yellow man

16 Sept- I paid u every month rm150 and above for my postpaid line, did u give any free for me? But I only receive slow 3G speed, R u asking to convert Digi to maxis? tell me if u still maintain your service

16 Sept- wat an unresposible explaination frm digi?i already b pantient bout last time said tat upgrade tis upgrade againxxxx?digi,go eat sh?ttttt…..

16 Sept-  Nice video but seriously digi u got to fix your service. I can’t load d video on my phone coz line keep get disconnect. Watch d video at home using streamyx.

15 Sept- nothings good from digi…”dulu kini dan selamanya”..

15 Sept- DIGI line is really suck! Everytime my phone line got problem, the operator will gave the same excuse:” We are upgrading our system”. Please lah, use other excuse……..this excuse has been used for years……when will your system will be fully upgraded and provide better service to your clients…….suck

15 Sept- Digi you have no curtousy to reply to our messages here……y do we even need to stay as ur customers when u dun even give us the respect.!!!!

14 Sept- Everyday waste time do useless things, better u take care of your basic services first!

14 Sept-  instead of wasting time making this video.. Digi better spend their time improving their 3G coverage!

14 Sept- No more digi for me. Cannot get coverage in Pavilion and Mid Valley car parks !!

14 Sept- I find it funny and amusing… Put up an ad… but no response when customer asks about it… I think its better for DIGI to stop doing all this STUPID promotions and concentrate on your network coverage issues, your customer service issues and as well as maybe change all your incompetent staffs…

14 Sept-  Digi, I think when the users requested for a better network it generally meant your coverage is poor in everywhere. E.G I was on the phone around Hartamas area and the line suddenly cut off. So, I guess no point asking me to state out the number and location because it happens everywhere!…………………  Why decide to call it unlimited and later cap/disconnect the usage upon reaching the 3GB quota+300mb? It is misleading to the users. ……..

14 Sept-  Dont just say want to switch.. SWITCH and you’d be happy like me;)

13 Sept-  Kindly upgrade your network, I haven’t been receiving a clear reception for a long time!

13 Sept- Do not buy phone frm digi.. unsatisfactory service line and problem solving.. i regret buying a mobile phone under digi……………DIGI.. please grow up..

13 Sept- totally agreed with chong said. i ll move to another telco after my contract end on feb 2013.good bye dig

13 Sept- I am very disappointed over your switch over to new policy. You have totally block my line when my data exceeded. I am signing 3G unlimited but now is after 3G and just BLOCK. Is that a courtesy to call to inform & not just block? Terrible!

13 Sept- I called to your customer service. For me, very impolite. You are a service provider & with this kind of service, it is no way to keep customers.

12 Sept-  I think the customer service issue was like months or year and still can not fix ah then outsource la. No point to spoil the brand if u can not do it well. Wake up to the voice of your customer.

11 Sept-  Stop giving excuses. Your network was bad many years back. Today, it is still bad. Don’t give us false hope lah….. Tomorrow, Digi will still be bad. Just admit it Digi.

11 Sept- I had paid for full service every month, however only half services i had obtain, can digi rebate on the partial services provided to customers ?

11 Sept- Hang in there? I’m fed up of waiting. I’ve ported my wife’s line over to U Mobile and just waiting for my iPhone 4 contract to finish in 2 weeks before I do the same. Your service is getting worse by the day.

11 Sept-  Does anyone of you fell different with the Network upgrade by DiGi? To me, the answer is NO…make no different, still slow, still suck and still yuck..

11 Sept-  Pla do something in putra heights. Many have switched frm digi cuz of poor line. Check direction of tower as most houses dont get signal. Or just byebye digi n hello celcom

11 Sept– i oways face frequent signal loss n no coverage

11 Sept- Upgrade? Downgrade more likely.

11 Sept- Y digi network always no line in sarawak?

11 Sept-  i think u guys should work out some rebates for the users… I know Malaysia is not a consumer oriented country, but please don’t let us feel that we r paying for nothing…

11 Sept- 10 years with digi…. very disappointed whn yr cust services said is my phone problem coz the line signal droop T-T actualy is was not phone problem…now i try celcom.

11 Sept- Not onli in Sarawak….Penang also always no line…but when call to customer service they will say is our phone problem

11 Sept- how about coverage? my home is not under digi coverage .. everytime if i want to make a call i need to walk out to the living room. And is been 1 yrs and 9 months already, if DIGI dont add a new coverage here, i will swift to other telco another 3 months once my contract end

11 Sept- yap,getting worse …diconnect call all the time or network busy…

11 Sept- I only have 1 digi number, and recently I always get “no service” on my phone. What should I do in case I have important calls or emergencies? What would you suggest? Get another line from another operator like how most ppl are doing? or just switch to other operators directly? The service is just getting really bad lately. Hope you guys can improve on that.

11 Sept– Digi, I’ve called numerous times and your support keep saying the the coverage in cheras yet to complete. I don’t think it is ever going to complete then.

11 Sept- I m pissing off with this lame excuse. Digi really sucks, if u went further inside house all the signal gone. This has happen for past 2 years. Call them not enough transmission tower lar, upgrading lar and etc

11 Sept- Why My Hometown not Even have EDGE(2.5G), Kuala Kangsar, Perak!!! according the schedule.. it should be upgraded…

11 Sept- I hope it’s not going to take forever!!! Already pissed off to the max for your bad service.

11 Sept- before upgrade 1mbps…after upgrade still the same??do i need to change the modem or what?1 mbps is way too slow compare to others..frustrating watching youtube sometimes,, in subang jaya area…

11 Sept- No choice but soon switch to CELCOM which provide better internet speed and coverage for SABAH user than this suck DIGI. I’m leaving in Kota kinabalu and always without signal the moment I enter shopping Mall at SURIA SABAH, CITY MALL Servay etc.

11 Sept- Same goes in taman teluk molek, butterworth, penang. No line showing ‘x’ on my phone. My boss already frustated with me and keep saying why i am always switch off the phone. And off course, it s make me more frustated with digi since i have to paid for full services. Recommend digi to give discount and rebate to your customer since your service is very very bad. And how long it takes?.. how long?.. planning to port to celcom.

11 Sept-  Digi oohhh Digi, stop promising your subscriber and improve it… Mind that there always new Telecom operator doing well especially during the rainy season and festival times…. Not really impressed with your YouTube video from you… it’s time to doing.. otherwise.. you will never survive long.. Good luck to you Digi…

11 Sept- My area, Setia Alam, still the same, or maybe worse, after upgrade…what kind of era we are in? Still promise 700kbps or 1Mbps only? A very disappointed customer…just waiting my contract finish, and bye bye DiGi

11 Sept- What happen to the line?I’m look like idiot calling someone “Hello Hello” but actually opponent cant hear my voice?almost everynight like this….

11 Sept-  It has been many months since you’ve “completed” the upgrade exercise at Sg Buloh/Rahman Putra but I’m still getting no signal when I’m inside the house. No action has been done .. Waiting for my contract to end and I’m out!!!

10 Sept- what is the digi call center, my line is always interrupted and no service, my friends complaint cant get me by call nor sms.

10 Sept- coverage near Putrajaya SUCK!!!! ne da msuk 3bln, pe lg maintenace yg korg bt???

10 Sept- After migrating from maxis to digi a few years ago, have decided to go back to maxis as ur service, network and ur customer service sucks. Digi, you really need to buck up. Taman Seri Duyong in melaka still does not have 3G connection. The highest connection i get is only Edge and it won’t even open up google webpage. How is it possible for maxis, celcom and even Umobile to have full HSDPA coverage and digi can only have miserable edge in tmn sri duyong melaka?

9 Sept- ………………Recently Digi had a maintenance service around balakong area and so on. After that service happen, my digi line is interrupted and even i walk out of my house also cant get the line. Last time before the maintenance it used to be normal but now its totally gone. I been complaining this matter for more than a month and the agent are not getting to me……..

Sept 8- Wahai makhluk kuning,knapa area sabah line masih macam taik?cakap kerja upgrade dari 30julai-29ogos saja?!penipu btul kau ne ar..kau ingat kau gumuk saya takutlh?!

7 Sept-  Digi tipu, the minute it launch sales , sudah out of stock !!

7 Sept- say got 3G but hardly got 3G,say got sales but phones are out of stock.DIGI,trolling malaysians on their whim.

7 Sept- Not only no stock, page also not found..what kind of offer u r offering..liar..

7 Sept-  Whats the point of having something, if it is out of stock? Are you trying to pull a Giant sales? Or are you guys just putting this up gimmick? Can we share this page and tell them how you guys did not stock the phone at all?

7 Sept-  broadband digi saya kat kota kinabalu x boleh guna da .mula mula beli laju jak..da sebulan ni tak boleh guna..

7 Sept-  line digi makin teruk la…dalam proses meng”downgrade” service ke?

7 Sept- Cheap price come with cheap responsibility. Sayonara DiGi.

6 Sept- why lah digi keep upgrading? when can finish lah?

6 Sept- Digi line di sabah teruk lah..

6 Sept- Maybe lah you can improve your service instead of posting unwanted things… Your service sucks day by day lah!!!!

6 Sept- Me: why so moody lah
Wife: phone no line lah, Internet slow lah, call kept disconnecting lah.
M: what provider u using lah

6 Sept- Ya? Why digi’s did not inform me although I’m using this services for one and half years

6 Sept- What DiGi u should upgrade is your customer service level first, whenever I called in and inform a DiGi signal dead zone such as Fitness First iOi Puchong, then ur level 2 support only reply me “sorry sir we have no plan at this moment to upgrade our network service at that area”. And I paid rm2390 in full cash for Digi to buy the phone from Digi ……….  DiGi is very irresponsible in such iPhone warranty handling, I’ll not sign up for any DiGi plan in the future !! Truly a very bad experience with Digi !!

6 Sept- Seremban 2 – poor line since yesterday… I’m using DiGi since 2002/3. Sebelum ini, DiGi akan beri SMS maklumkan kerja-kerja naik taraf & ada gangguan talian. Sekarang, erm… saya kena cari sebab kelembapan talian dengan talian DiGi yg teruk. Nak tonton video youtube ni, pun… loading. Loading sampai saya terlelap! (Tak sempat tengok pun) Harap DiGi beritahu kami mengenai gangguan talian dengan cekap & ceria macam dulu. Tomorrow’s Network kan… 🙂

6 Sept- Tq la Digi. I had enough torture from your customer support. No matter how good your LTE i will still not opt for your service.

5 Sept- i’m frustrated with the frequent auto switching between EDGE & 3G network although both station are full coverange… does upgrading can solve this?

5 Sept- same answer as the CSO and Tech Assistance at digi careline! there’s no point, i want solution, not excuses!! pls ask someone to call me asap.

5 Sept- We’ve fulfilled our promise to pay our bills every months! if we don’t pay, our line will be barred, worst come to worst our name will be blacklisted for telco in M’sia.. what happen if U don’t keep your promises? its not fair, u take our money but u don’t provide good services!! at least, u should learn service recovery after service failure guys.. Seriously, jgn asyik dok advertise je lebih! ckp lebih habuk tarakk!!

Sept 5- Best solution , switch

Sept 5- We understand the important of upgrade actually, but can the upgrade done without disturb the Digi’s User daily life?? That is no point you tell us how the important and how you upgrade the network because the upgrade now is seriously disturbing the users’s daily life, ie. line no signal, the line have disturbing sound, the line no smooth and etc. It is unfair for the users while Digi company is upgrading the network to earn profit but Digi’s users is losing money in business because cannot contact the customer/client and some more have to pay for Digi, especially for postpaid users. Digi company have to know that we pay Digi as small investment in business, we use it to call for business, every minute is money, if the line is stuck, we lost the money. So, it is totally unfair………

Sept 5- btw… my S3 still showing H and sometimes 3G (!!!) in a place where the LTE “upgrade” is supposedly completed… what gives?

Sept 5- Sudah lebih 1 bulan anda tidak megemaskini “Upgrade Schedule”.. apa sudah jadi… Digi sudah tak mampu melakukannya ke?

5 Sept- Seriously, due to this “UPGRADING”, digi cease TOTAL service at my area. Meaning, due to upgrading, i CANT CALL CANT RECEIVE CALL CANT TEXT CANT RECEIVE TEXT. This is not some interruption, this is TOTAL network down. It has been 3 weeks. And all digi can say is upgrading upgrading upgrading, until when? Seriously, Im a loyal digi user FOR YEARS and this is ANNOYING.

5 Sept- Update Liao 3g spped also so slow la. In one place within 200m my signal from e to 3G to e.. Haih…

4 Sept- I’m looking at my phone now. But I only got “No Service” status… Poor

4 Sept- Digi, you always come out with your new plans but you have never improve the line coverage for your users. Your non stop dropping calls is such pain in the neck. masuk tandas pun takda line, masuk building tarak line, car aprk tarak line while my another telco provider have 5bars of coverage. pls do improve your service.

3 Sept- digi.. can u answer my question. i have sent u a message about it. 🙁

Aug 31- Merdaka to Malaysia and to other telco. I use slow line and data digi hard to get close to merdeka. Hope it achieve merdeka soon.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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