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[Apps] Trustee- Block Calls, Backup Contact, Safe Browsing & more

Online security vendor, TrustPort has released a new tool for smartphones and tablets running under Android. The new application called Trustee, can block SMS’s and calls and comes with other functions such as contacts backup, safe web browsing and geolocation. Best of all Trustee is free to download and use.

The Trustee application checks the URL addresses in the browser. Every single address is compared with the database of known malicious web pages, and the application prevents the user from entering these dangerous websites.

Features of Trustee below:

  • Contacts backup on memory card
  • Geolocation – a useful tool for the loss of a mobile phone
  • Blocking of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS’s (blacklist/ whitelist)
  • Safe web surfing – blocking of infected webpages
  • Blocking of defined dialling codes (premium rate SMS’s or expensive phone lines)
  • Simple user interface

The program enables the user to create their own blacklist and whitelist for the blocking of unwanted incoming and outgoing calls and SMS’s. The application allows defining and setting so called banned dialling codes. This function is especially useful in blocking premium rate SMS’s or the expensive phone lines such the 1300 numbers.

Trustee is free to download and works on Android 2.2 & above.

Trustport is based in Czech Republic and is part of the Cleverlance Group. The company also offers other security products such as Antivirus, Internet Security, USB Antivirus and other free mobile applications such as Portunes for data encryption and Skytale for secure mobile messaging.

[Google Play]– Trustee

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