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Celcom to offer NQ Family Guardian, a parental control suite

NQ Mobile, the China-based company that develops mobile security product has announced its partnership with Celcom Axiata Berhad last week..

Via the agreement Celcom will promote NQ Mobile’s Family Guardian to new Celcom and existing smartphone subscribers through direct marketing, monthly SMS campaigns, retail messaging, website banners, and other targeted promotions. To facilitate the purchase of NQ Mobile applications, Celcom will also offer carrier billing support .

NQ Family Guardian is currently supported on Android devices. It is installed on the child’s smartphone and comes with a web-based control center that is accessible from any desktop or mobile browser.

Features of NQ Family Guardian:

  • Browser Blocker: Safeguard your children by blocking inappropriate websites.
  • App Filter: Make smart choices about which apps your kids can access.
  • Contact Filter: Help your kids fight spam texts and harassing calls by adding numbers to their block lists.
  • Schedules: Control your kids’ mobile phone use by setting up times when they can unlock their phones to make calls, browse the Internet, text, and more.
  • Monitors: Keep track of your kids’ locations, messages, calls, browsing histories, app downloads, and photos.
  • Geo-Fences: Set up a safe zone for your kids and get notified when they’re outside of this safe zone.
  • Check-in: Get check-in messages when your kids arrive safely at their destinations. You can also track their location if they forget to check in.
  • Panic Alarm: If your kids are in trouble, they can send an alert message to your phone with their exact location.

“NQ Mobile developed NQ Family Guardian with the needs of both kids and their parents in mind. As these devices become must-have items, it is our goal to make sure everyone remains protected and connected,” said Omar Khan, NQ Mobile Co-Chief Executive Officer.

“In taking an active role in educating consumers about ways they can have positive mobile experience, Celcom is establishing its service leadership, assuring its customers have access to the tools that will keep them and their families safe and happy.”

At the point of writing, Celcom has yet to make any official announcement on the partnership.

[Source]– NQ Mobile

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