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DiGi offers Opera Web Pass & Facebook USSD services

DiGi today announced its Opera Web Pass(DiGiLive Web Pass) and Facebook USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) services, targeted to users without smartphone or non-heavy Internet users.

Available since September 2012, DiGiLive Web Pass targets casual Facebook & Internet users who seek flexible options of accessing their accounts on their mobile devices. Customers can choose from four different packages — 1 Day Internet, 1 Hour Internet, 1 Day Facebook and 1 Hour Facebook – depending on their browsing needs. DiGiLive Web Pass requires customers to instal the Opera Min browser.

The packages can be subscribed from as low as RM0.50 for 1 hour Facebook, RM1 for 1 hour Internet, RM1.00 for 1 day Facebook and RM2 a day for Internet.

The DiGi Facebook USSD is an interactive service that allows non-smartphone or “feature phone” owners to access Facebook from their mobile phone without requiring any data or Internet connection. This latest service was made available on 16 October 2012.

The DiGi Facebook USSD service caters to customers who still own feature phones but are keen Facebook users, it allows the following:

  • Update statuses, check news feeds, send messages, add friends, browse newsfeeds and more
  • Connect to Facebook even without a smartphone
  • Access Facebook via an interactive menu-driven service
  • Connect to Facebook while roaming
  • One-time log in with Facebook credentials

DiGi Facebook USSD cost RM1.50 per week and customers will enjoy a 7-day trial with their first subscription.

Praveen Rajan, Head of Products – Internet & Services for DiGi, explains, “Social networking sites like Facebook are increasingly popular among Malaysians and it only makes sense that DiGi, as a strong advocate of delivering Internet For All, makes it as easy as possible for over 13 million Facebook users in Malaysia to use it on their mobile phone.

“Our primary strategy has been to ensure customers have a positive and good Mobile Internet experience regardless of which mobile platform or mobile phone they are using. Customers now have more affordable options to choose from with the introduction of our latest service offerings. Response has been very encouraging since the soft launches of both services, and we are confident that we are on the right track to encourage more people to embrace the convenience these services have to offer.”

For more details and how to subscribe, visit the DiGi website.

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