Monday, May 29, 2023

DiGi Best Prepaid now with New Voice Rates- starting from 6sen

DiGi has revised its DiGi Best Prepaid plan with a new voice plan starting from 6 sen, effective today.

Details of the new DiGi Best Prepaid Voice call rates are as below:

  • 6sen / first 10 seconds to all networks (Charging block- for the first 10 seconds)
  • 20sen / next 2 minutes to all networks (Charging block- for the next 120 seconds)
  • 20sen / every subsequent minute to all networks (Charging block- for every subsequent 60 seconds)

With the new DiGi Best Prepaid plan, customers enjoy a voice rate of 6 sen for the first 10 seconds call, and 20 sen for the subsequent 2 minutes. In simple words, a 1 minute call on the new DiGi Best Prepaid now cost 26sen a min.

Meanwhile, customers can call their Friends and Family (FnF) list at only 6 sen for the first 30 seconds and 12 sen for the subsequent 2 minutes. The FnF list can contain up to 11 DiGi numbers and 4 non-DiGi numbers. Customers can also send SMS to FnF DiGi numbers at only 1 sen each, and 6 sen each to non-DiGi FnF numbers.

The new rates only applies to new DiGi Best Prepaid subscribers who activate their lines on or after 6 December 2012. Existing DiGi users can switch to the new DiGi Best Prepaid plan however a fee of RM3 will be charged.

For the previous DiGi Best Prepaid plan, DiGi was charging a rate of 36sen / min to all networks and 12sen / min (to all networks; after RM1 total daily usage). The new rates appears to benefit users who make short calls within 10 seconds and those who make long calls.

In a statement, Ting Shiew Han, Head of Products – Consumer & Business for DiGi said “Most of the time, we tend to just call and say ‘On the way’ or ‘I’m here’ or ‘Where are you?’. Added together, these short duration calls are costly to the customers and can be uneconomical. With the new DiGi Best Prepaid plan, customers can enjoy the best rates in the market and enjoy more savings in the long run”.

“At DiGi, we always have the best interests of our customers, and we do what we can to deliver on our promise by providing service innovation that offers the best value-for-money experience, among other things. With this new prepaid package, we can provide a straightforward and cost saving experience for customers who are simply looking for the best value on a prepaid plan today,” added Shiew Han.

For more details visit the DiGi website.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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