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New Maxis iValue Simple plan for iPhone 5 [Insider]

Maxis is expected to introduce a new iValue plan called Simple for the iPhone 5. The Maxis iValue Simple plan cost RM50 a month and comes with free voice minutes, SMS and data.

Details of the Maxis iValue Simple plan for the iPhone 5 below:

  • Monthly Fee: RM50
  • Advance Payment: RM100
  • Bundled Usage: 200min(local calls to all operators), 1GB Data, 100 SMS(Maxis-Maxis)
  • Voice Call Chargers: 12 sen(Maxis to Maxis), 20sen(Maxis to other local operator)
  • SMS Chargers: 5sen(Maxis to Maxis), 15sen (Maxis to other local operators)
  • Extras: Free 10GB Cloud Storage on Loker, Free 2-months of OneMusic subscription

Below are the iPhone price with a 24 12-months under the Maxis iValue Simple plan:

  • iPhone 5 16GB- RM2079
  • iPhone 5 32GB- RM2389
  • iPhone 5 64GB- RM2699
  • iPhone 4S 16GB- RM1769
  • iPhone 4 8GB- RM1239

We believe Maxis will only reveal the iValue Simple plan latest by tomorrow. The other Maxis iValue plans for the iPhone 5 can be found here.

In the mean time, Maxis One Cub members will receive a surprise tomorrow at the Maxis iPhone 5 launch event at CapSqure. We will only reveal the surprise details tomorrow.

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