Tuesday, May 30, 2023

500,000 UniFi Subscribers to date

Malaysia Broadband service provider Telekom Malaysia Berhad, announced today that its High Speed Broadband (HSBB) service, UniFi, has surpassed the 500,000 subscribers mark recently, ahead of UniFi’s 3rd anniversary in March.

unifi-500k-subs[TM’s senior management (from left) Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President, New Media; Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President, Consumer; and Azizi A Hadi, Executive Vice President, SME]

UniFi is now available in 94 areas covering more than 1.34 million premises passed which includes 64 areas in Klang Valley, 5 in Penang, 4 in Kedah, 9 in Johor, 2 in Melaka, 2 in Negeri Sembilan, 2 in Perak, 1 in Terengganu, 1 in Pahang, 1 in Sabah and 3 in Sarawak. The coverage areas include key economic and industrial zones in Klang Valley, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Kulim Hi-Tech Park and Iskandar Malaysia area.

Imri Mokhtar, Executive Vice President, Consumer, TM said, “We are extremely happy that UniFi, our flagship product has continued to stamp its leadership in the domestic broadband market now that the UniFi family has grown to half a million – what a perfect way to celebrate the new year! 2012 was already a great year for us in terms of UniFi subscription growth and we are continuing the momentum into 2013. At the current rate of more than 35%, our take-up shows no signs of slowing down. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all our 500,000 UniFi customers, and indeed to all our 2.0 million and more broadband customers (UniFi and Streamyx) for their continued trust and confidence in us!”

Imri continued, “This is a clear indication of how Malaysians have indeed taken to high speed broadband and its benefits. Regardless of residential or business customers, the nation is set to benefit. TM does see itself as a leader and playing a very major role in pushing the growth story in this segment of the business. This is very much in keeping with the stated ambition of our Government to increase the household penetration rate of broadband in the country in tandem with its economic development objectives. True to our position as Malaysia’s Broadband Champion, we remain committed to delivering a more integrated and enhanced digital lifestyle to Malaysian homes nationwide. We look forward to welcoming more Malaysians to our broadband family.”

Meanwhile Azizi A Hadi, Executive Vice President, SME, TM, said, “TM is moving beyond its role as a service provider, and taking a more pro-active role as a trusted partner to local SMEs through efforts that would further enhance the competitiveness of SMEs products being offered to the market, as well as helping to push them up the value chain. With UniFi BIZ, SMEs, be it from the established, to those who are just starting out to seek a foothold in the market, will be able to maximise the use of next-generation online applications and services, providing them with real enhanced efficiency and productivity, to expand marketing reach through lower hardware and software investment.”

“We have also introduced new packages of UniFi BIZ with even greater speeds, that is, BIZ30 and BIZ50, with options to add on HyppTV to further enrich their businesses with an exciting infotainment experience; reflecting TM’s commitment to fulfill the needs of various market segments. As SMEs contribute significantly to Malaysia’s GDP and are a force to be reckoned with in Malaysia’s economic development, we encourage SMEs to fully utilise our comprehensive suite of products, services and solutions that would help them to grow and expand their business thereby creating more value for end customers,” Azizi further added.

UniFi packages comes with voice, offering broadband speeds from 5Mbps up to 50Mbps via fibre technology (Fibre-to-the-Home or FTTH).

All UniFi packages also include WiFi access at close to 27,000 TM WiFi sites nationwide.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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