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MCMC now says RM200 Rebate for any Smartphone

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) backed down yesterday, partially at least, after the public and political parties such as UMNO Youth, MCA and the opposition parties disagreed with the RM500 price cap for the RM200 3G smartphone rebate.

In the latest media report, the Minister of Communication said that the Malaysia Government has decided that any smartphones are now eligible for a RM200 rebate, as long as other terms are met. The rebate however does not include any discount on mobile data plans which is a key requirement for 3G smartphones. Read the comment: “RM200 Smartphone Rebate would Burden the Lower Income Group“.

The RM200 rebate is open to youths between the ages of 21 to 30 years old, with a gross monthly income of RM3,000 below.

Late last month, the MCMC Chairman Dato’ Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi  made a statement saying “Those who can afford phones priced above RM500 are really not in the intended category or target market”. However the latest announcement would allow “the intended category or target market” to buy smartphones worth over thousands of ringgit.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia first announced the RM200 smartphone rebate in Budget 2013 last September. The RM200 smartphone rebate is  open to 1.5 million eligible youths, on a first come first serve basis.

Participating operators/companies in the rebate programme include Celcom, Clixster, DiGi, Maxis, Tune Talk, U Mobile and YTL Communications.

MCMC said in a latest statement that some 5,500 youth registered for the rebate on the first day of registration( Jan 1, 2013).

More information of the rebate can be found on the SKMM website. Malaysians can also call SKMM at 1800884040 or email komunikasibelia@cmc.gov.my

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