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BlackBerry Z10 price at RM2188 in Malaysia, plus other launch details [Insider]

We’ve got word that the all-new BlackBerry Z10 will be price at RM2188 in Malaysia. The launch event is expected to take place on February 20 next Wednesday however availability of the Z10 in Malaysia will only happen sometime in the second week of March 2013.


More details brought to you by MalaysianWireless below.

This is going to be the biggest BlackBerry launch event in Malaysia ever. For the first month in March, the BlackBerry Z10 will be exclusive to Maxis(we were told that Maxis loves the Z10). The pre-order of the device is expected sometime in the 1st week of March.

During this launch, expect some 10-14 concurrent roadshows in the Klang Valley, Penang and possibly JB. These roadshow will be jointly organised by BlackBerry(previously knows as RIM) and Maxis.

After March, Celcom Axiata too would offer the Z10. We think UMobile would offer the Z10 later but as for DiGi, we don’t think they have placed any order for the Z10(too bad), at the point of writing.

BlackBerry is currently working closely with some 300 authorised dealers/outlets for a rebranding, creating a “BlackBerry Store”. With this arrangement,  customers in Malaysia will soon be able to walk in to the store and experience Z10 and BB10. We were told that these stores will carry BIG screens to demonstrate BB10 and two to four Z10 demo units, that’s huge investment all at one go!

Not to forget, there’s is going to be a “trade-in program”. For this program, BlackBerry has struck a deal with a global distribution company that has local presence across 6 continents, distributing over 60 million memory cards and devices annually. At this point of time, we are not sure if this program would accept smartphones other that the BlackBerry(s).

BlackBerry sells close to 100,000 devices in Malaysia every quarter where currently most of these are powered by BB7. It is estimated that there are about 50-70k BIS/BBM subscriptions in Malaysia.

An analyst we spoke to said that BlackBerry would continue to produce a couple more BB7 devices this year( such as the Curve 9315 to cater for markets like Malaysia and Indonesia). The main reason for this is simply because, there can’t be low end BB10 smartphones, so BlackBerry 7 lives on at least for the next 2-3 years, the analyst said.

For more details, pictures and specifications of the BlackBerry Z10, check out this page.

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