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TM’s Cahaya Malaysia Links to Hong Kong

Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s (TM) private international submarine cable system, Cahaya Malaysia, has linked to Tseung Kwan O, its landing station in Hong Kong, completing the cable’s intended connectivity route.


Cahaya Malaysia, which began its construction back in January 2011 is TM’s wholly owned 2-fiber-pair system within the 6-fiber-pair Asia Submarine cable Express (ASE) system linking Malaysia to Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. Spanning a distance over 7,800 km, the cable system which began its construction in January 2011 was meticulously developed to maximise reliability, able to withstand earthquake and typhoon damages as well as covering the shortest distance to Japan. It has been carrying Internet traffic between Malaysia and Japan since August 2012. The final leg of this cable system, completed early this month, is now fully operational and ready to serve connections between Malaysia to Hong Kong, and Hong Kong to Japan.

Utilising 40Gbps digital coherent optical transmissions technology, Cahaya Malaysia can reach the initial design capacity of up to 10Tbps. This technology allows greater improvement of the transmission performance of optical fiber by incorporating ultra high-speed digital signal processing (DSP) into optical communications which results in highly reliable long-distance high-capacity transmission. It has also been designed to support 100Gbps technology, which will significantly increase the design capacity in the future.

Commenting on the milestone, Rozaimy Rahman, Executive Vice President, Carrier-to-Carrier, TM said, “The landing of Cahaya Malaysia in Hong Kong, which forms the backbone in linking TM’s very own data centre, VADS Data Centre Hong Kong (VADS DCHK) with Malaysia and the rest of the world will further strengthen TM’s ever growing ICT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) footprint outside Malaysia. This will also enhance TM’s ability to meet the expectations and requirements of the industry as well as supporting Malaysia’s aspiration to become the Regional Data Centre Hub by 2015 via our ICT arm, VADS Berhad.”

VADS DCHK is located in Kowloon Bay, a major and modern financial hub for coming expansion and development. Through VADS DCHK, TM customers would be able to enjoy integrated data centre services offerings in Malaysia and the world over. In addition to serving as a disaster recovery facility in Hong Kong, this data centre will also function as a One Stop Centre for Telcos and ICT and BPO solutions, enhancing end-to-end solutions and increasing diversity options to their respective customers in Malaysia.

“This latest achievement also reflects TM’s commitment in constantly developing IP communications in the Asian region. Cahaya Malaysia will enhance TM’s reliable global network services by boosting the capacity and strengthening the company’s ability to provide Malaysia with better regional reach and seamless interconnections providing a faster and resilient Internet connection, hence a better surfing experience for Internet users,” added Rozaimy.

Cahaya Malaysia will also provide ease of connectivity to its customers by leveraging on the existing cable systems that land in Hong Kong, such as Asia America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable network, Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2), East Asia Crossing-City to City (EAC-C2C), South East Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 3 (SEA-ME-WE3 – SMW3) and Tyco Global Network-Intra Asia (TGN-IA), which connect Hong Kong to the United States and other Asia Pacific countries.

TM owns or leases capacity on more than 10 submarine cable systems, which span more than 60,000 fiber-route miles around the globe, including several submarine cable routes that the company uses to carry traffic between Asia-Pacific region and North American region.

TM is also a member of the various consortiums for submarine cable systems in the region, which include AAG, SMW3, SEA-ME-WE4 (SMW4), APCN2 and Batam-Dumai-Melaka (BDM), including TM’s now fully operational Cahaya Malaysia.

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