Monday, February 6, 2023

Maxis 4G LTE SpeedTest [Part 1]

MalaysianWireless have been able to test out Maxis 4G LTE at a limited number of areas for the 3-4 days and the results have been pretty amazing.

Despite we were not able to carry out a drive test around Klang Valley yet, below are some of the speedtest results we have on Maxis LTE which were posted earlier on our Facebook page. All test were performed using a Maxis postpaid SIM and a LTE smartphone.

Maxis4GLTE-SpeedTest-MaxisCentre-KLCC[At the Maxis Centre KLCC]

This fastest speed we have obtained so far is at Maxis Centre KLCC- Download speed 33Mbps, upload more than 20Mbps while ping is excellent at 25ms. Test was done using a Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE.

We performed repeated test but speed was only up to 30+Mbps even to servers in Singapore.  Maxis claims that its 4G LTE offers speeds up to 75Mbps and typical average speeds are between 10Mbps to 30Mbps. While our results did fall within the expected average speeds, it could have performed better considering that there are too few Maxis LTE users at the moment.

The speed maybe faster than Fibre service like UniFi for now, but looking at the future, in a congested Maxis 4G LTE network, we assume that users might only hit an average speed of 10Mbps, which should be good enough for most online activities.

Check out more speedtest results below:

Maxis4GLTE-SpeedTest-TamanSetapak[At one location in Taman Setapak- 25Mbps download, 8Mbps upload, ping 28ms. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S II LTE]

Maxis4GLTE-SpeedTest-KL-Festival-City[Infront KL Festival City Mall at Taman Danau Kota. Download 16Mbps, upload 4Mbps, ping 23ms. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S II LTE]

Maxis4GLTE-SpeedTest-GombakSetia[Gombak Setia KL- 27Mbps download, 6Mbps upload, ping 29ms. Tested on Samsung Galaxy S II LTE ]

One thing we liked about Maxis 4G LTE is that, we managed to hit a few Mbps despite the coverage signal indicated one bar or less and ping remains below 50ms. But this is most probably because no one or not many people is on Maxis 4G LTE yet.

As for the 4G LTE network coverage right now, Maxis appears to have more LTE 1800Mhz sites which are compatible on iPhone 5 and most LTE smartphones. Coverage is extremely limited and poor at the moment but we believe Maxis is working hard on activating more sites in the coming months.

At this point of time, the Maxis 4G network coverage map is not really up to date(we have informed Maxis about this) and the only way to check for Maxis 4G LTE coverage is to use a 4G LTE device. Broadband users can either get the Maxis 4G LTE modem or purchase a compatible LTE smartphone such at the HTC One or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE.

Maxis 4G LTE is currently available to all Maxis Postpaid Nano/Micro SIM users with a data plan of 1GB and above. New broadband customers who purchase the 4G LTE modem together with the data plan will also enjoy this service.

Existing Maxis Postpaid users using the normal SIM card(mini-SIM) and broadband customers will only be able to enjoy Maxis 4G LTE sometime end of this month or in June.

Maxis launched its high speed 4G LTE(Long Term Evolution) service back in January using the 2.6Ghz frequency, limited to a certain number of phones. On 9th April, Maxis was first to launch LTE service for iPhone 5 users in the country using the 1.8Ghz frequency.

For more information on Maxis 4G LTE, visit the Maxis website.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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