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DiGi makes one customer happy, now ported to Celcom [Letters]

Mid-last month, MalaysianWireless received an email from a reader, Choo Sze Hao who had to make an emergency call but failed to do so on DiGi. Just like any other customers, or most of them, they would contact DiGi to get an explanation.

However in Choo’s case, going through DiGi customer service via standard channel was a disappointment. Choo was simply told that there were no network issue and if he had to make an emergency call again, and if it failed, he should contact DiGi again.

We took this issue to DiGi via our good friends in corporate communication and they investigated the issue again. Unfortunately, two weeks later, Choo got standard answers.

The DiGi Customer Experience Management responded, “The investigation found the cause to be an isolated routing error which we have rectified. We apologize for the inconvenience. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your feedback on our service levels. Rest assured appropriate actions have been taken to address areas for improvement.”

Choo took this opportunity to terminate his iPhone contract with DiGi. With some pressure from MalaysianWireless and a little bit of help via our good friends, DiGi decided to waive his RM200 penalty chargers(the full penalty is RM400) for terminating his iPhone contract. Choo is now a happy Celcom customer.

The full email we received from Choo below:


Dear Kugan,

Hereby i sending you this email is regarding the matter as above. On this Wednesday 15th June 2013 there is an fire and explosion on the TNB pillar infront of my house and on that time i’m try to call 999 and 112 many times to do report and ask for assist but sadly the call unable to reach the emergency number and there is something like operator answer said: SORRY YOUR CALL IS UNABLE TO COMPLETE (i can figure out is recorded voice message), but my friend able to call those emergency number with TM line and im luckily able to call TNB 15454 number using my mobile that on DiGi network.

On second day i have call to DiGi customer service to complaint about this issue and the officer that who have answer my call was transferred to the technical team and i have told the whole incident to the technical staff and the technical staff said he can see the number that i try to call from their system. The technical staff have check my area and told me there is no network issue and ask me to reset my phone and again i have told him is not network coverage issue is unable to reach emergency number and able to reach TNB careline, than the technical staff answered me a fantastic answer: MR CHOO IF ON NEXT EMERGENCY CASE AND YOU UNABLE TO MAKE THE CALL TO EMERGENCY CALL US AND RAISE THE COMPLAINT AGAIN, and i’m get shock and thinking if i get kidnapped, robbed and i cant get call to emergency line than is it the only thing i can do is waiting to die? And i was told the technical staff i was very not satisfied with the service that DiGi provide to me and the way they handle customer like this and I TOLD THE TECHNICAL STAFF I NEED EXPLANATION FROM THEIR MANAGEMENT AND THE TECHNICAL STAFF PROMISE ME I WILL GET 24 HOUR FEEDBACK FROM MANAGEMENT, BUT UNFORTUNATELY UNTIL NOW IM TYPING THIS EMAIL STILL HAVE NO FEEDBACK FROM THEM.

And i feel very hopeless that using DiGi, the quality of service and the way they handle really terrible and i feel that im not safe that using DiGi if any emergency matter happen to me.


P.s: If you have a comment, issue or an experience that you would like to share with us and the mobile industry, drop us an email.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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