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Jeff Chong Farewell Video by Maxis Mobility Team

It was unexpected when Jeff Chong who was the Vice President, Mobility Products & International Service at Maxis left the company early last month.

Since then, Maxis has continued to restructure the company and more senior management people are expected to leave by September. In the mean time, check out the “Jeff Chong farewell video” that MalaysianWireless discovered on YouTube.

“A tribute video to Jeff Chong who has left the company with some wishes from Maxis staff followed by some sexy dance moves from Mobility team! “

Jeff Chong who was from DiGi, joined Maxis in late 2005 as the General Manager for SME. In DiGi, his last position was the Deputy GM, Business Sales – SME segment.

In Maxis, about 2 years later, he got promoted to Senior General Manager, Distribution & Regional Management and then less than 2 years after that he was Vice President, Regional Sales & Services.

In late 2011, Jeff was promoted to Vice President, Mobility Products & International Service. This was his last position in Maxis where he was responsible for the Postpaid, Prepaid, Wireless Broadband and IDD segment.

Maxis announced its restructured organisation last month where Jeff has been replaced by Dushyanthan Vaithiyanathan who now leads the overall Maxis Consumer Business.

Jeff held some 50,000 shares in Maxis which he disposed before leaving the company last month. Attempts to contact him has failed since then and it is unknown what are his future plans or which Telco he might be heading to next.

P.s: MalaysianWireless wishes him all the best!

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