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Maxis eKelas now available via Maxis Broadband Service

Maxis Berhad has announced a value-for-money plan, the Maxis eKelas with Wireless Broadband package. Customers can enjoy this service for RM38 monthly and a 7.2Mbps USB modem, which comes with a 1.5GB quota and two access IDs – one for the child and one for the parent, for monitoring purposes.


Maxis eKelas is an interactive online education portal that features effective learning and teaching supplementary tools. Key features of Maxis eKelas portal include interactive, adaptive, visual-based, experimental capabilities, conceptual understanding and learning-based methodologies, testing and performance measurement services – such as online exams, as well as teacher services like lesson planning, homework assignment, evaluation and reporting.

The mobile operator says that the USB modem offers customers flexibility, as the learning modules can be accessed from a laptop, netbook or desktop computer. Upon finishing the allocated monthly quota of 1.5GB), customers can choose to continue using the Internet without extra charges at a slower speed, or purchase additional quota for a minimal fee, starting from RM8. Customers can also purchase additional IDs for only RM20 per month per ID. For customers who sign up for the Maxis eKelas with Wireless Broadband bundle during the introductory period, they will receive a RM50 discount off the normal activation fee of RM150.

Existing Maxis customers –mobile, fibre or broadband (fixed or wireless) – can subscribe to the eKelas service as a value-added service at only RM25 per month for each account, which comes with two access IDs, and pay RM20 per month for each additional ID per child.

“Schools in our pioneer programme that have used the eKelas in their day-to-day teaching and learning activities noted a significant increase in student achievement, attendance and attitude towards mathematics and science. Based on the positive feedback, we have decided to bundle access to the eKelas portal together with our Maxis Wireless Broadband service to enable students and parents to access it outside of schools. Maxis eKelas is one choice that parents can tap into to directly influence their children’s educational outcomes, all from their own home computer,” said T.Kugan, Head of Digital Services, Maxis Berhad.

“What’s more, access to eKelas is ‘white-listed,’ which means that when customers use the internet to access eKelas, their usage will not be deducted from the monthly internet quota, and they can enjoy unlimited access to eKelas. Parents can also be assured that the eKelas syllabus is fully aligned with that of our national schools,” he continued.

There are over 400 online Math and Science activity objects via realistic graphics, interactive problem sets, and compelling real-world activities, which are suitable for students between forms 1 and 3. These modules will be expanded to include modules for forms 4 and 5 students soon. The eKelas modules are in English and will also be available in Bahasa Malaysia by the first quarter of 2014.

More information please visit the Maxis website.

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