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This is 2013, DiGi Prepaid has the most expensive, slowest Internet Service [Comment]

I’m not a big fan of the prepaid services in the country, generally because it is expensive especially when it comes to voice and data.

Maxis announced a new prepaid plan yesterday. The mobile operator took one big step to discontinue the pay per use data service to offer basic free Internet service at 64Kbps. In simple words, basic access to Internet is free on the new #Hotlink plan, if users need faster speeds, they will have to pay for it.

Maxis-#Hotlink-64Kbps-Waze-Facebook[Picture courtesy of Amanz.my]

Despite I have my own argument with Maxis when they said 64Kbps is sufficient for loading Facebook(in my mind that includes pictures/videos on FB, etc), Waze(maps), and others, I cannot agree in what DiGi has to say:

DiGi-Internet-soooo-2003[Thanks Chee Shyan for posting this]

At the point of writing, DiGi appears to have removed the post. However, one similar post remains online of DiGi’s FB here.

Is DiGi’s Prepaid Internet chargers better than the others? Let’s find out.

DiGi’s prepaid service comes with pay per use data at 50sen/50KB  up to a maximum RM8 a day or a maximum 30MB of data. At RM8/30MB daily, DiGi has one of the most expensive prepaid data service in the Industry!

From a pay per use calculation, it cost 10sen/MB or about RM3 for 30MB on U Mobile Prepaid. U Mobile also has a RM5 daily plan which gives users 500MB of data with broadband speeds up to 10Mbps in real world test.

On Celcom Xpax Prepaid, it cost 10sen/10KB for pay per use Internet. Its daily Internet plan cost RM5 for a 500MB data with speed up to 1.5Mbps. Still cheaper than DiGi’s Prepaid Internet.

Meanwhile the new #Hotlink plan doesn’t have a pay per use Internet service and its free. The daily pass cost RM2 and comes with a 100MB of data with speeds much faster than what DiGi Prepaid has to offer.

What speeds does DiGi prepaid Internet offers?

Regardless if you take the standard highest monthly 750MB plan at RM30 or the lowest RM8 Daily Max plan, your maximum prepaid Internet speed is 384Kbps. DiGi Prepaid also offers the monthly RM48(2GB), RM68(5GB), but users are still limited to the snail speed at 384Kbps.

What can 384Kbps Internet speed offer in today’s world? The speed is sufficient if you want to search the mobile web(Google/Yahoo), use WhatsApp/Line, Facebook (might be slow if you try to load images), Twitter, among the limited things you could do.

However at 384Kbps, you cannot make a clear Skype call, watch most of the Youtube video(or you can with heavy buffering) and loading pictures is going to take much longer than usual on Facebook, Twitter, heavy websites, etc. Its is just not fast enough, and for the price users are paying DiGi, they deserve a faster Internet speed.

On top of Internet speeds, DiGi still lacks a proper 3G coverage especially indoors and the current LTE deployment is also disappointing.

Its 2013 and DiGi has an Internet for all campaign that is so…..ain’t cool. #DiGiAintCool

P.s: Kugan currently has a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a DiGi Prepaid Internet SIM in it. Despite subscribing to the monthly plan, maximum Internet speed is limited 384Kbps. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 offers a maximum speed of 150Mbps via LTE! Since its 2013 and not 2003, he wishes to experience faster Internet speed on DiGi Prepaid.

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