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Share your Data Across Multiple Devices with U Mobile Internet Share Plan [ADV]

Can’t afford to subscribe to multiple data plans for all your mobile devices? Check out the new Internet Share Plan from U Mobile!

UMobile- Internet-Share-plan

There’s no need to pay for multiple data plans anymore, with the new U Mobile Internet Share Plan, you can now pay a single bill while share its data quota across multiple SIM cards on multiple devices.

At only RM68 per month, the new postpaid Internet Share Plan is bundled with 2 SIM cards, 3GB of data and 60 minutes of voice calls to all networks. There is no need to tether or use USB cable, this unique sharing plan comes with 2 SIM cards that allows data to be shared between the two numbers and the usual function of calling and messaging.

The U Mobil Internet Share Plan:


The U Mobile Internet Share Plan Rates:


It is a value for money plan that gives customer the convenience to consolidate and share usage between any smartphones, tablets, notebooks and many more. This is much cheaper than having individual plans for different devices.

Internet Share Plan gives user the convenience of managing all the devices through one account. Customer has the option to share up to three devices with an additional fee of RM10 monthly for the third SIM card. With this plan, wastage can be curbed as the sharing saves additional cost in getting different plans for multiple devices. Malaysians can now use U Mobile’s fast mobile Internet services without burning a hole in their pockets.

More details and how to subscribe to this superb plan, hit this link-

This post is brought to you by U Mobile Sdn Bhd

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