Monday, June 5, 2023

Morten aims to improve the Maxis network from “good to great”

Since coming on board in October, he has kick-started a plan that flattens the managerial structure in Maxis, which will see some 40% of managers becoming team players instead of leaders.

Morten Lundal will be continuing Maxis’ career transition plan in order to restructure middle management.

On top of his list of things to do is to make a comeback in the prepaid segment. A fix in the company’s branding and distribution will help do that.

Lundal aims to improve the network from “good to great”, and wants the touch points with customers strengthened.

To inspire confidence, he wants to send the message that postpaid customers can get data the way they want it. Efforts to banish the perception that Maxis is an old man’s brand, and refocus on quality will also be made.

Although revitalising Maxis will probably prove to be a hard and tedious process, Lundal believes he can make the key changes the telco needs in a year’s time.

He sees the year 2014 as a transformational year and 2015 as a year of performance.

The market may see Maxis underperforming for a few more quarters, but it will not be for long. Lundal expects to keep the company’s margins while it invests more in marketing.

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