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MACROKIOSK to support TNB’s Mobile Services for Customers & its employees

Macro Kiosk Berhad (MACROKIOSK) and Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) have signed a partnership agreement that will see them continue to work together to “revolutionise” TNB’s nationwide mobile customer engagement and enhance overall efficiency.

Through the partnership, MACROKIOSK will customise mobile technology that will support TNB across a range of mobile services that will impact both customers and its employees.

MACROKIOSK-TNB[EC Ng, Group Chief Marketing Officer, MACROKIOSK and Ir. Kamaliah Binti Abdul Kadir, Senior General Manager, Customer Service, Distribution Division, TNB signing the agreement]

The services supported under the partnership will be rolled out over three phases. 

Under its current first phase, MACROKIOSK will be powering TNB’s nationwide mobile engagements via its publicly known short code 15454 as well as customising TNB mobile applications that will support the increased productivity of TNB field agents by allowing them to view and respond to service reports in real time. MACROKIOSK will also be working to enhance TNB’s existing mobile engagements, for example, TNB customers will be able to use their mobile devices to report problems such as power outages, track their power usage and submit customer service reports. TNB employees will also benefit from the initiative such as having the capability to submit work progress on the go, as well as be constantly connected with their colleagues via a customised TNB mobile tool.

The second phase of the roll out encompasses the deployment of services that will further enhance the customer experience. Under the second phase, TNB customers will be able to rate the quality of service they receive through a TNB Mobile Survey, providing an efficient means for feedback to be received and utilised to further improve services offered to their customers. In addition, TNB will be leveraging on MACROKIOSK mobile technologies to keep its customers updated such as providing bill alerts and notifications.

The third phase of the nationwide mobile engagement is scheduled to be launched by the first quarter of 2014, with more services to be added. TNB customers can now expect to receive notifications for successful and outstanding TNB bill payments, reconnection and disconnection status updates, promotion details, as well as seasonal greetings. A hybrid mobile messaging tool combining text and voice will also be introduced.

“MACROKIOSK is proud to partner with TNB and play an important part in powering enhanced connectivity for its customers and employees. MACROKIOSK is committed to customising solutions to meet the distinct needs of our customers and our partnership with TNB is a testament to that. We hope that our relationship with TNB will continue to grow and we look forward to building our relationship” said EC Ng, Group Chief Marketing Officer, MACROKIOSK.

“TNB will continue to invest in and partner with technology service providers such as MACROKIOSK to drive greater business efficiency while reducing costs. We value the partnership with MACROKIOSK as the investment in mobile technology has allowed TNB to streamline its processes through a network revamp, which enables TNB to reach out and offer greater customer service experience while improving on our employee service efficiency and productivity including cost-savings. TNB customers can now communicate with us directly via multiple mobile platforms, through smart-phones or social networks as we adopt a user-centric approach by leveraging on the ubiquity of mobile devices,” said Ir. Kamaliah Binti Abdul Kadir, Senior General Manager, Customer Service, Distribution Division, TNB.

MACROKIOSK said that it is committed to working with TNB for the long run and will continue to leverage its expertise to support TNB’s continued initiatives in the digital age.

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