Tuesday, May 30, 2023

BBM 2.0 now out in Malaysia for Android & iOS, supports BBM Voice

Blackberry released an updated BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), version 2.0 which is now available for download in Malaysia for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry customers, giving them lots of exciting new features.


The key features of the newly updated BBM 2.0 include BBM Voice, live location sharing powered by Glympse, over 100 new emoticons and Dropbox integration.

Android and iPhone customers will now be able to make free voice calls to BBM contacts over a WiFi or data connection with BBM Voice, as well as access BBM Channels.

BBM 2.0 users on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones will have more to chat about with fast one-click sharing of photos, documents, voice notes and more.

All the new features in BBM 2.0 will be available for BlackBerry 10 (BBM v.10.3) users. BlackBerry OS5 and above will also be updated but will not include location sharing or Dropbox integration.

Details below.

Location Sharing
With location sharing powered by Glympse, BBM 2.0 users can now share their real-time location with one or several BBM contacts for a specified amount of time – perfect for when people are running late, out with friends and more. BBM puts control in the customers’ hands, allowing them to specify how long they want to share their location for, by setting a timer. When the timer runs out the customers’ location becomes private again.

Dropbox Support
Built-in support for Dropbox makes it easy to send large files like presentations and videos. With Dropbox built in to BBM, you can send a file from your personal cloud directly to a BBM contact. On the receiving end, you can save the file directly to your smartphone or add it to your Dropbox account.

BBM customers have been asking for more emoticons, and now more than 100 new emoticons have been added to help you express yourself. Many of the new emoticons came from ideas submitted by customers.

BBM Channels
BBM Channels lets customers chat with other BBM users about topics that interest them. Customers can join channels about a range of topics from products, hobbies and sports to entertainment, fashion, cars and more. Channels can be created by brands, businesses and BBM customers alike and are a great way to communicate directly and immediately with people who share common interests in the broader BBM community.

“BBM continues to deliver new functionality as a premier messaging platform that provides a simple and effective way to stay connected. Today’s announcement gives Android and iPhone customers the rich experience of BBM Voice and BBM Channels – two great ways to connect with friends, family and colleagues, to build out communities around shared interests, and to follow your favorite people and brands,” said John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry. “BBM continues to quickly evolve as a social mobile platform for consumers as well as for business customers through innovative features that give you great new ways to connect and share with each other.”

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