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XOX partners with e-horizon to take Voopee to a Global Level

Malaysia based virtual mobile network operator (MVNO), XOX Berhad (XOX) signed an agreement with e-horizon, a Swedish developer of mobile soft devices, to take Voopee to a global level.

XOX-Voopee-ehorizon[(From left) Datuk Eddie Chai, Group Managing Director of XOX Berhad, Ng Kok Heng, Group CEO of XOX Berhad, and Pekka Peltola, Chairman of e-horizon]

The agreement between XOX Berhad and e-horizon will see the establishment of a joint venture new company (Junyverse) in Sweden. XOX will own 45% of Junyverse while the remaining 55% is owned by e-horizon.

Both companies said that the new joint venture company will be well placed geographically and strategically to expand Voopee global reach to Europe and America.

Voopee was jointly developed by XOX Berhad and e-horizon. It is a mobile application that allows smartphone users to have an actual second mobile number, minus the need for an additional phone or SIM card. Officially launched in January 2014 after a couple of years of trial, the Voopee service is currently available in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, UK, Australia, Thailand, China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Speaking at the agreement signing ceremony, XOX Berhad Group CEO, Ng Kok Heng said, “Voopee offers a viable solution to telecommunication players who are concerned that Over-The-Top (OTT) services are eroding revenue. Voopee can generate incremental revenue for mobile operators from consumers aside from voice, text messages and internet broadband.”

“Consumers are turning to Voopee because its voice quality and messaging services are superior to Internet-based smartphone calls and messaging services.  So fewer missed or delayed messages, clearer voice calls and no lag or echo as well as an actual number where users are contactable whether they are online or offline. For these and many other benefits, consumers are willing to pay ensuring that mobile operators are fairly compensated,” Ng explained.

“Voopee integrates all services, from Voopee to Voopee text messaging, voice bubble messaging, photo messaging, stickers messaging and will very soon integrate video messaging. The app also allows for multimedia messaging to non-Voopee users. Currently, Voopee also offers excellent call quality through the Voopee to Voopee calls and the first in the world to offer Voopee to mobile and fixed line calls. All these benefits to users, and incremental revenue for telcos is a winning proposition for all parties,” he added.

“Revenue for mobile operators is falling in mature markets as more people opts for Internet communications services through apps. European and American mobile operators are especially hard hit when it comes to their traditional revenue stream. With the formation of the joint venture Company based in Sweden, we will take on the role of marketing Voopee to the American and European markets. Our exploratory meetings with mobile operators in these regions have been very positive, with much interest in offering Voopee as a revenue-generating service to their user base,” said Pekka Peltola, Chairman of e-horizon.

Ng said that Voopee currently has about 16,000 users and the new joint venture is targeting 1 million users in 2014.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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