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Free McAfee Mobile Security for Android offers privacy, security & theft protection

McAfee, part of Intel Security, announced the latest version of McAfee Mobile Security for free, that now offers privacy & theft protection, security scans.


These scans allow users to identify apps that are oversharing personal information. It also scans for and removes malware and looks for other security threats. McAfee said it makes it simple for users to perform these scans as soon as the product is installed and easily remove apps that pose significant risks.

McAfee Mobile Security’s privacy scan provides key intelligence about the apps users have installed on a smartphone or tablet.  The scan determines how much information each app is able to access and share, then ranks them by level of privacy sensitivity, while also checking for risky URL associations.  When an app behaves significantly different than others in its category, the level of risk is raised and reflected in its privacy sharing score. At the conclusion of the privacy scan the user can uninstall suspicious apps with one-click.

The most worrisome permissions are apps that read users’ subscriber ID from their smartphones and tablets, anything that gets users’ precise location (as opposed to Wi-Fi network or cell tower), and anything that reads or tracks text messages that can contain private messages and information like online banking transaction authorizations.  To provide a deeper level of protection, the new version of McAfee Mobile Security instantly scans Android apps, files, SD cards and Internet downloads for malware using a method optimized for mobile to be light on resources and battery life.

The McAfee Mobile Security for Android app is designed to prevent privacy invasions, data loss, identity theft and lost or stolen devices.  It includes anti-theft, antivirus, app protection, Web and Wi-Fi protection, along with call and SMS filtering. All the features in McAfee Mobile Security are free, however an upgrade to McAfee Mobile Security Premium provides users with phone support, media backup and a promotion-free app environment.

According to McAfee’s Consumer Mobile Security Report, 80% of mobile apps today collect location information about users, 82% know the device ID, and 57% track when people use their phones.  Additionally, the apps that aggressively and often unnecessarily collect data leverage potentially dangerous ad libraries, and 35% of these apps contain malware.

“Smartphone users download apps so regularly that it is easy to forget how these apps collect information – at times even putting its users at risk,” said David Freer, Vice President, Consumer – APAC at McAfee, part of Intel Security. “Keeping this in mind, McAfee Mobile Security helps users better protect their personal information and inform them of the kind of information their apps have access to.”

[Download]– McAfee Mobile Security for Android

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