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Huawei Honor 3C price at RM499 in Malaysia

Huawei announced last week that Malaysia is the first country in South East Asia to launch Huawei Honor 3C. The smartphone is priced at RM499.


The Huawei Honor 3C is a 5-inch screen phone(LTPS HD display), comes with a quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU and powered by Android 4.2.

Compared to its predecessor, the Honor 3C has a more compact body. Lighter, shorter and narrower by 5 grams, 4.5mm and 2.2mm respectively, its round edge design and straight-forward aeronautical magnesium alloy chassis architecture fulfill the prerequisites to provide users with a comfortable grip on the device.

Equipped with a massive 5MP front-facing camera, the Honor 3C allows its users to attain up-close “selfies”, adjustable via its auto facial-enhancing capabilities. The camera is fitted with a F2.4 aperture and thus allows a wider angle.

At the rear, the technology behind the 8MP camera is based on the back-illuminated sensor (BSI), a digital image sensor which enables production of significantly improved low-light images. Enhanced with IMAGESmart, a Huawei proprietary feature, the software enables automatic adjustment of contrast and color enhancement, auto scene recognition, object tracing focus, and instant facial beauty support. It takes the hassle off users in switching between camera modes, and provides them with coveted shots in motley situations. Other undertakings that can be carried out via the rear camera include shots from a 4cm macro view, voice shots, panorama shots and shots while recording.

The Honor 3C is running 30% more efficiently than its predecessor via “Smart Power” and boosted with 2GB of RAM and Capacitative Touch. The phone comes with Huawei’s trademark Emotional UI 2.0 and Phone Manager functions, with the latter enabling users to have full control of their device including notifications, network applications, startup applications and more.

The new smartphone from Huawei is available in the choice of six colors including Lamborghini Yellow, Titanium Gray, Rococo Pink, Tiffany Green, Pearl White and Champagne Gold. Battery covers which come in the aforementioned six colors are also sold separately.

The announcement of the Honor 3C also comes with the official launch of, Huawei’s new e-commerce platform. Malaysia is the first country to launch Vmall outside China. The platform offers consumers the luxury of purchasing Huawei devices online. This is in addition to the Huawei’s plan to bring 100 concept stores to consumers across Malaysia this year.

Huawei said that is designed to provide consumers with a simple and uncomplicated interface to browse, select and purchase Huawei products at their convenience. Product delivery is within 3 to 5 working days after the order is placed. Honor 3C buyers are also entitled to a six month “1-to-1” swap policy provided the product is purchased via Vmall.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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