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Maxis claim that its mobile network meets “International Standards”

In response to the compound issued by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Maxis is saying that its mobile network “is at level with good international standards”.


On Monday, the MCMC sent out a statement to the media (including MalaysianWireless) revealing that 28 compounds totaling RM1.2 million were served to Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and U Mobile. Among the Telcos, Maxis recorded the highest number of dropped calls in Quarter 3 last year and the number of complaints related to dropped calls doubled in Quarter 1(Jan-March) this year.

Maxis recorded the highest dropped call rate of 8.16% in Pendang, Kedah. For the poor network quality, Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd was served with nine separate compounds amounting to RM360,000-00.

Currently, Maxis has a new network team lead by Abdul Karim Hj Ali. Karim was only appointed Maxis Head of Network early this year and he has been re-organizing the network team, including replacing a number of people who have left.

MCMC, which conducted the Extensive End-Point Service Availability Testing (EESAT) in Q3 (Jul-Sep 2013) nationwide said that it was done periodically. In Q3 last year, a total of 120 compliance measurements were conducted in various locations throughout the whole country. Compounds were served to telcos that showed more than 3% dropped call rates as stipulated in the Mandatory Standards for Quality of Service.

DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd received 11 separate compounds, the highest amount among the Telcos, totaling RM480,000-00, Celcom Axiata Berhad with seven separate compounds totaling RM310,000-00 and U Mobile Sdn Bhd was issued one compound of RM50,000-00.

In regards to the compound, a spokesperson from Maxis Berhad made the following statement:

We place a lot of emphasis on network investment to ensure that we continuously give our customers the best experience. We are confident that Maxis is at level with good international standards. We are also accelerating our network modernisation, performing system capacity expansion and enhancing network quality to serve our customers better.

To continuously improve our services, we build more sites, conduct engineering upgrades and site optimisation to improve network coverage, capacity and quality. We also carry out regular drive surveys and perform periodic independent benchmarking on roads nationwide to gauge the network performance.

When services are interrupted due to equipment theft, faulty equipment or power failure, our teams are immediately deployed to quickly restore services. To minimise theft, we continuously strengthen site security and work closely with the police to prevent such incidents.

To address issues related to devices, we provide useful information for customers on device settings through various channels.  We also conduct thorough tests on the devices that we introduce into the market to ensure network compatibility.

P.s: Below is a short video where the CEO of Maxis, Morten Lundal talks about the mindset at Maxis, to be from Good to Great. He said that “It’s not OK to be OK”.

Morten is set to be on Twitter this Friday(16 May), 11am to 12pm. Using the hashtag #MortenMaxis, he will chat and engage with Maxis customers via the @MaxisComms  Twitter account, to answer questions and get their feedback on all things Maxis.

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