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MaxisONE plan, the latest postpaid plan from Maxis

Maxis, the second largest mobile operator in Malaysia(by subscribers) is launching a new postpaid plan today called Maxis ONEplan MaxisONE Plan(see Update 1 at the bottom).


“The only Internet plan with Limitless Talk & Text” as Maxis says it, the ONEplan offers 3,000 voice call minutes and 3,000 SMS to all networks in Malaysia. It is available in the option of 2GB and 3GB of data, details below.


Maxis ONEplan Postpaid Plan:

  • Voice: 3000 minutes to all networks in Malaysia including fixed line (15sen/min upon exceeding limit)
  • SMS: Free 3000 SMS to all networks in Malaysia (10sen/SMS upon exceeding limit)
  • Data: 2GB or 3GB data
  • Monthly Chargers: ONEplan 2GB(RM128/month), ONEplan 3GB(RM158/month)

For the ONEplan supplementary postpaid plan, Maxis is making available the SurfMore 30(1GB data) and Value Plus Internet 30 (Free 50min Voice, 50 SMS and 250MB data).

Maxis is also offering the ONEplan lite as an “entry level” postpaid plan:

  • Voice: 3000 minutes to all Maxis and Hotlink numbers
  • SMS: Free 3000 SMS to all Maxis and Hotlink numbers
  • Data: 1GB
  • Monthly Chargers: ONEplan lite (RM78/month)

For postpaid customers who wants more data, they could increase the quota at RM30 per 1GB data every month, applies to ONEplan and the ONEplan lite. For those who wants a one time data booster, they can choose to go for 200MB(RM10), 500MB (RM20) or 1GB at RM30. ONEplan users who exceed the allocated data quota will experience a throttled Internet speed at 64Kbps.

For ONEplan users who requires data roaming, Maxis is charging a flat rate of RM38/day in 106 countries. To avoid bill shock, Maxis will now limit postpaid customers to its exclusive roaming partners in the selective countries. According to Dusyan Vaithiyanathan, Maxis Head of Consumer Business, these roaming partners are the leading mobile operators with the best mobile coverage in their respective countries.

Apart from the new Maxis ONEplan, the Telco is also offering a number of smartphones with 24-month contract. Some of the devices are:

  • Huawei Ascend Y530: Free with ONEplan or RM99 with ONEplan lite
  • Samsung Galaxy ACE 3: Free with ONEplan or RM199 with ONEplan lite
  • Sony Xperia M2: RM339 with ONEplan or RM539 with ONEplan lite
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: RM1399 with ONEplan or RM1599 with ONEplan lite
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: RM1499 with ONEplan or RM1699 with ONEplan lite
  • Sony Xperia Z2: RM1499 with ONEplan or RM1699 with ONEplan lite
  • HTC ONE: RM799 with ONEplan or RM999 with ONEplan lite
  • HTC ONE (M8): RM1499 with ONEplan or RM1699 with ONEplan lite

For the devices, an advance payment of 4-months commitment fee(refunded over 4-months in bill) applies for device with RRP above RM400 and 2-months commitment (refunded in bill over 2-months) for devices with RRP below RM400.

More details on the Maxis website.

Maxis said some of the older postpaid plans will be discontinued starting today, including the TalkMore78 plan(TalkMore28 & TalkMore48 will remain). The Telco is working on new postpaid data plans to replace its existing SurfMore plans. The new “data focused” plans are expected to launch in September.

[Update 1, 31 May 9.30pm]: Maxis has renamed the plan to MaxisONE plan despite launching it with the name Maxis OnePlan. No reason was given.

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  • Vincent Lee

    this is a CONMAN plan!

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  • SY Kang

    indeed!! i signed this plan previously… i paid such more but this plan brings me lots of troubles! mainly goes to the coverage is truly bad! finally i switched to Celcom then only my issues solved

  • Larva Chan

    i almost fed up with my current telco! the coverage is mostly dead and the speed is slower than my tortoise!! everytime when im hanging out with friends, i always stuck at the loading there when i surf the internet.. the problems gone only when i stay at home and connected to wifi. you guys got any suggestion?

  • Fuki san111

    what telco are u using? as i know.. Digi and Umobile is very cheap but coverage is bad la…

    • Larva Chan

      thats why i ask for opinion. i wish to get a better plan.. i really cannot tahan dy

  • Kelvin Poh

    postpaid got a lot of trouble punya la aduiii.. some of the telco have hidden charges as well. you better b careful with it

  • Larva Chan

    postpaid is preferable for me because im busy on my work. xkan u want me to run to 7-11 just for top up during my working time right?
    plus, i always have to contact with my client.. thats why i prefer postpaid

  • Trina Yap

    im currently using celcom new bundle package which called First 38.
    i like this plan honestly.. this plan brings lots of benefits~
    i paid RM38 monthly and i get 3GB data + 3GB celcom wifi. total is 6GB !!
    it is better than my previous data plan

  • Trina Yap

    Plus.. i couldn’t finish all my data previously. after i migrated to Celcom, the unfinished data i can bring forward to next month. this is great! i like this service..

  • JiYong Kwon

    i heard this plan before! everyone around me are like talking this topic now. it’s very hit! many of them mention that Celcom is the only 1 telco that provide this service currently.. im interested with it actually.. i might consider to switch to Celcom after my contract ended.

  • Dandan Jin

    why need to switch here switch there? why have to be so troublesome?
    just continue use what you are using now can liao lo..

  • SY Kang

    different people have different perspective.. you cant force someone to think what you’re thinking what.. as long as you satisfied with what the telco brings you then settled

  • Larva Chan

    this plan is great! i will go to the outlet store and get more information! thanks alot ya…

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