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MaxisOne Plan Postpaid Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

MaxisOne Plan Frequently Asked Questions below:

1. What is the MaxisONE plan and what are its benefits?

 The MaxisONE plan offers the following key propositions:

  • Voice calls (mobile & fixed) and SMS are limitless and free to all networks: You never have to worry about paying for voice or SMS, ever again.
  • The Internet is Always On: Evenif you finish your allocated high speed quota, you can continue surfing with free basic internet, which allows you to enjoy applications such as Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter as well as websites that do not require high speed internet. If you want to go back to surfing on high speed internet (3G/4G), data boosters are available from as low as RM10 for 200MB.
  • Roam the world (106 countries) at one low flat rate of RM38/day: With one flat rate, say goodbye to pay-per-use charges. You won’t be charged after exceeding your quota, but if you want to continue to use high speed data, just purchase another pass at the same flat rate.
  • Seven new smartphones available with MaxisONE plan: The ONE plan also comes with smartphone offers to get you started quickly. The smartphones available are :

1. From 30 May 2014 onwards:

– Sony Xperia Z2Sony
– Xperia M2
– Xiaomi Mi3
– Huawei Y530 (Free with MaxisONE plan)

2. From 6 June 2014 onwards:

– HTC Desire 816
– HTC Desire 310 (Free with MaxisONE plan)
– Huawei Y330 (Free with MaxisONE plan)

2. What can I do with 1GB of data?

  • Here’s a sample of what you can do with 1GB data that covers common usages:Maxis-oneplan-faq
  • Please be advised that the above is just a general estimation, as data usage may vary by device, by type and by quality of content.

3. What does on-net & all-net calls/SMS mean?

  • On-net calls/SMS: To Maxis or Hotlink numbers only (excludes fixed lines, video calls, special numbers & toll-free 1-300/1-800 numbers)
  • All-net calls/SMS: To ALL networks i.e. to Maxis or Hotlink, other mobile operators and fixed lines (excludes video calls, special numbers & toll-free e.g. 32000 numbers from external content providers, 1-300/1-800 numbers)

4. Can customers change their current postpaid plan to the MaxisONE plan?

  • Customers are able to sign up for the MaxisONE plan as long as they are not bound by any current contract with Maxis.

5. Can customers upgrade to a higher rate plan which gives them more mobile internet quota?

  • A customer can upgrade their MaxisONE plan at RM30 per 1GB until a maximum of 6GB (which is the total data allocation per bill cycle).
  • All they need to do is call the Contact Centre by dialling 123 from their Maxis mobile phone or by just walking in to any Maxis Services Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner (MEP).
  1. What happens if I finish my pre-allocated quota before the end of my bill cycle?
  • If you finish your pre-allocated Mobile Internet quota before the end of their bill cycle, you will be able to upgrade your quota by purchasing data boosters exclusive to the MaxisONE plan via the following channels:

– UMB menu (*100*7*9#)
– USSD string (*136*9#) or
– WAP Portal (https://m.maxis.com.my/mi)

  • Customers can boost their data from as low as RM10 for 200MB, followed by RM20 for 500MB, and RM30 for 1GB. These are applicable for both MaxisONE plan and MaxisONE plan Lite
  1. What happens when a customer has used up their quota from their RM38/day data roaming pass?
  • Upon reaching their quota, customers can still enjoy the pass at reduced speed without having to pay anything extra. However, should they wish to continue with high speed internet, then they may purchase another pass at the same flat rate of RM38.
  1. If a customer subscribes to the MaxisONE plan or MaxisONE plan lite, are they entitled to sign up for a supplementary line as well?
  • Yes, they are eligible to sign up for two supplementary plans – the SurfMore 30 & Value Plus Internet 30
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