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Celcom to restructure its management team [Insider]

Since early this month, MalaysianWireless heard rumours that some changes were taking place in the Celcom management.


During Celcom’s Quarter 1 Financial Results media briefing on the 11 of June, Dato’ Sri Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer of Celcom Axiata told MalaysianWireless that an announcement will be made on 17 June. The Celcom CEO did not deny that a change is taking place in the management and he confirmed that it is related to Celcom’s Transformation Programme.

Yesterday the Celcom Corporate Communication Team denied us a statement verbally and asked us to wait for it despite there may not be one. We were also told that we can’t publish this story without the proper “source”.

Since part of the management changes have already taken place (internally some of the people are already in their new role), we believe it won’t do any damage to the company. So we decided to publish this story.

Below is very short list of the new Celcom Management (Please note that Celcom Axiata have not confirmed this):

  • Zalman Aefendy Zainal Abidin (currently Chief Marketing Officer)  – Chief Marketing & Online Sales Officer
  • Eric Chong Tiong Beng (currently Chief Sales & Commercial Officer ) – Chief Sales & Commercial Officer
  • Afizulazha Abdullah (currently Chief Digital Services Officer) – Chief Business Services & Solutions Officer
  • Syed Md Najib Syed Md Noor (currently Chief Customer Experience, Services & Retail Officer) – Chief Customer Service, Retail & Facilities Officer
  • Dato’ Noor Kamarul Nuruddin (currently Chief Carrier Collaboration Officer) – Chief Customer Experience Program Officer
  • Zuraida Dato’ Jamaluddin – Chief Corporate Officer
  • Jefri Ahmad Tambi (currently Chief Business Solutions Officer) – Chief Corporate Communications & Government Liaison Officer

It is believed that some of them are already in their new role since June 1. These are merely changes in the C-level and there could be more changes as the CEO of Celcom has yet to finalised his decision for the new management team.

The current Celcom Chief Corporate & Operations Officer, Suresh Narain Singh Sidhu is said be leaving Celcom to join edotco. Our source pointed out that he will replace edotco Group CEO James Maclaurin who is believed to have resigned. The appointment is effective in August 2014. We are trying to communicate with edotco for more details at the point of writing.

Celcom restructures its management team almost every year. The last time Celcom Axiata officially announce a new appointment was in October 2013 and there was also one in June 2011.

P.s: The article written on this page is based on information provided by various anonymous source. It cannot be considered accurate or final unless it has been announced by the respective companies. MalaysianWireless.com should not be held responsible for any in-accurate information published in this article.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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