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Maxis Postpaid pay-per-use (PPU) data usage is now capped at RM50

Last week, Maxis revamped its pay-per-use (PPU) data rates for postpaid users who are not on any mobile internet data plan. With this new announcement, Maxis claims that it has the lowest PPU data rates in the industry, as users will never need to pay more than RM50 per month. Also, there is a safety net of 250kB for accidental data usage.

At the current pay-per-use rate of 10sen per 10kb, postpaid users will be paying RM50 for just 5MB, Maxis said. The RM50 per month of PPU charges allows customers to surf the internet for up to 250MB. Upon exceeding this quota, customers will still be able to continue surfing at basic speeds of 64kbps, at no extra charge.

In comparison to Maxis add on data plan, postpaid users who opt for a Internet plan at RM48/month will be able to surf the Internet for up to 1GB. As for Hotlink prepaid, it cost RM30/month for a 1GB data plan with speeds up t 42Mbps. There also other Maxis postpaid and prepaid data plans(cheaper than RM10) catered for users who need Internet for a short period of time.

“Based on our findings, more than 1 in 2 postpaid users are not on any data plan. This means that they are exposed to extremely high PPU charges of about 10 sen per 10kB. To put things in perspective, an average music track is about 5MB and will cost about RM50 to stream using PPU charges by other operators. With our new PPU rates, it costs just RM10 per 50MB of usage, which is 98% lower!” said Dushyan Vaithiyanathan, Maxis’ Head of Consumer Business.

“The revamped rates are testament to our commitment to enabling all our customers to truly feel free when using their phones, especially when surfing the internet – no more internet bill shocks, no more unpleasant surprises. It’s part of our ambition towards providing an Unmatched Customer Experience. As mobile internet becomes an increasingly ubiquitous part of our lives, we want our customers to break free from their inhibitions,” he continued.

Maxis recently launched the MaxisOne Postpaid plan targeted to customers who loves to talk more on the phone. The MaxisOne plan offers unlimited calls and SMS to all networks while the MaxisOne Lite plan offers unlimited calls and text within the Maxis network. The MaxisOne Plan is priced at RM128/month and comes with 2GB of data.

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