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Easy Taxi committed to upgrade & improve Taxi services in Malaysia

Easy Taxi, the Taxi booking mobile application service is committed to upgrade and improve Taxi services in Malaysia. The company will be investing in upgrading taxis within its network and roll out competitive incentive plans for its drivers.

Easy Taxi’s Country Manager Nikolay Khokhlov (left) and Regional MD Joon Chan with the new ‘iconic’ Easy Taxis

Over the next few months, Easy Taxi’s passengers can expect a better riding experience as the company will be refurbishing the Taxis within its network in several phases. Thousands of vehicles will be wrapped in phases with a new modern look, much like the widely-recognised “iconic” canary yellow taxis in New York City.

In this “new experience” ride, passengers will get to experience an upgraded level of service, they will be warmly greeted by the drivers and even offered bottles of mineral water or the music of their choice. Taxi drivers are also trained through workshops provided by Easy Taxi, to improve their overall customer service initiatives.

Service will also be a key improvement as Easy Taxi will be upscaling the interior of their vehicles to ensure high standards of cleanliness.

In response to MalaysianWireless, Easy Taxi said that about 1,000 taxis will be upgraded by year end. To date, there are currently about 100 upgraded taxis.

Easy Taxi also introduced a cash-free system called ET Pay for customers. The new payment service enable customers to hop out as soon as they arrive and make payment at no additional chargers using their smartphone (upon registration of their credit card).

For drivers, Easy Taxi announced the “Super Easy Taxi” monthly reward programme to further motivate taxi drivers that are driving Easy Taxi’s new ‘iconic’ taxis. Under this programme, drivers are incentivised between RM200 and up to RM1,000 per month depending on their performance as well as customer ratings in terms of level of service.

“At Easy Taxi, we would like to continue to champion Malaysian taxis by investing in them. As we all know, the public transportation industry is experiencing quite a shake-up right now, but our priority remains with the Malaysian taxis drivers who are earning their humble livelihood. Our initiative in upgrading Malaysian taxis marks the first time a private company is investing to improve the condition of these taxis. This will pave way for an overall improved end-to-end taxi experience for passengers” said Joon Chan, Regional Managing Director of Easy Taxi South-East Asia at a media briefing unveiling its new “iconic” Easy Taxi.

Elaborating on Easy Taxi’s incentives, Chan said, “Taxi drivers are continuously burdened with financial constraints from many aspects. We are confident that the “Super Easy Taxi” programme would attract more taxi drivers to be part of our network to facilitate the provision of a more efficient service for our app users.”

“We are proud to say that Easy Taxi distributes the most competitive incentives to Malaysian taxi drivers, as this form part of our commitment to support our drivers in upgrading their vehicle for better services and help them to further improve their livelihood,” Chan added.

Easy Taxi also said that it provides monthly bonuses which varies on a month-to-month basis, to continuously motivate drivers to increase their level of service.

Launched in June 2011, Easy Taxi currently operates in 33 countries and more than 170 cities around the world. It claims to be the highest rated taxi booking app in the world. Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, the app can be downloaded for free either by the passenger or by the taxi driver.

Easy Taxi started operation in Malaysia in 2013 and is now present in Klang Valley, Kuching (Sarawak), Penang and Johor Bahru.

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