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Media Prima ranked No.1, highest number of mobile visitors in Malaysia

Media Prima Berhad, Malaysia’s leading media investment group today, through its digital subsidiary, Media Prima Digital was ranked number one for the Top 20 most visited properties on mobile devices in Malaysia for the month of September 2014 via the inaugural comScore Mobile Metrix report.


The rankings were conducted by the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA), the apex representative body for online publishers, advertising agencies and digital service providers and comScore Inc., a digital media analytics firm.

Media Prima leads the pack of the Top 20 sites which includes other media groups, search engines and entertainment sites. The number of unique visitors accessing to Media Prima’s mobile web properties(including Tonton.com.my) were recorded at 1,956,000 with 87% of these visitors coming from Android smartphone users.

Astro Group secured the #2 position with 1,899,000 unique visitors visiting from smartphones, followed by Yahoo Sites with 1,566,000 smartphone visitors. Yahoo Sites ranked at the top of the list in terms of tablet audience with 373,000 unique visitors, followed by Media Prima Group with 330,000 and MUDAH.MY with 293,000. In terms of engagement, MUDAH.MY ranked as the top property on smartphones with 67,232,000 pages viewed, followed by Media Prima Group with 26,411,000 and Yahoo Sites with 16,673,000.

The demographics of the population that forms the statistics of the visitors are those who are 18 and above, and has accessibility via smartphones, iPhone, Android phones, all tablets and browser access only.

Top 20 Tagged Web Properties from Mobile Devices in Malaysia (September 2014):

Top 20 Tagged Web Properties from Mobile Devices in Malaysia
September 2014
Total Malaysia – Age 18+, Smartphones, iPhone, Android Phone, All Tablets, Browser Access only
Source: comScore Mobile Metrix
Rank Entity Total Unique Visitors (000)
All Smartphones % iPhone % Android Phone All Tablets
1 Media Prima Group 1,956 13% 87% 330
2 Astro Group 1,899 22% 78% 254
3 Yahoo Sites 1,566 20% 80% 373
4 Ask Network 1,316 11% 89% 188
5 MUDAH.MY 1,275 17% 83% 293
6 CARI.COM.MY 1,068 16% 84% 176
7 THERAKYATPOST.COM 1,039 27% 73% 124
8 Utusan Group 785 13% 87% 133
9 Dua Marhalah 777 9% 91% 149
10 Next Media Interactive Ltd. 773 31% 69% 84
11 The Star Media Group 752 20% 80% 155
12 PAULTAN.ORG 716 23% 77% 114
13 Mode Media (formerly Glam Media) 645 19% 81% 135
15 Malaysiakini Sites 603 16% 84% 155
16 AOL, Inc. 593 30% 70% 127
17 ORIENTALDAILY.COM.MY 579 21% 79% 89
18 Dailymotion 566 15% 85% 164
19 EMI Group 559 22% 78% 56
20 ROTIKAYA.COM 548 2% 98% 141

The introduction of Mobile Metrix in Malaysia allows for reporting of mobile browser and app audiences on smartphones and tablets. The MDA and comScore rate the Top 20 web properties accessed by mobile devices in Malaysia on a monthly basis. comScore said the service helps publishers to demonstrate the size and value of their mobile audiences to advertisers and assist media planners and buyers to better evaluate advertising opportunities on mobile devices. Malaysia is the first country to introduce Mobile Metrix in Asia Pacific. The service is now extended to Australia, China, India and Singapore and will also be available in Taiwan and Hong Kong by end 2014.

Dato’ Zainul Arifin B. Mohammed Isa, Chief Executive Officer of Media Prima Digital said, “Good content is priceless.  Prolific content is the key that draws traffic to our web properties.  As a Group, Media Prima has substantially more than 1,000 people who are directly involved in content creation, be it for television, newspaper, radio, cinema and the web and we leverage on the Group’s strength of being a fully-integrated media and platform agnostic.  That means that we are able to cross-share content between platforms and that is what draws the attention to our sites.  We are certainly proud of this achievement and will continue to strive and provide value to our customers and clients.”

Dato’ Sri Amrin Awaluddin, Group Managing Director of Media Prima added, “As a Group, we acknowledge the shift of audiences consuming content from traditional mediums to smart gadgets which suits their lifestyle, on the go, anytime and anywhere.  The data collected from these rankings will allow us to plan ahead and anticipate audience preferences.  Our challenge is no longer confined to the speed of information, but the flexibility of presentation these information.  We are optimistic that the group will continue provide value beyond expectations.”

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