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TM deploys EMC SMARTS to pinpoint root cause of HSBB network issues

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has collaborated with EMC to deploy EMC SMARTS for TM’s high speed broadband (HSBB) network infrastructure. In partnership with the Malaysian Government, TM owns the HSBB infrastructure and operates its own fibre broadband service called UniFi targeted to consumers and businesses.

TM Network Operations Centre (NOC)
TM Network Operations Centre (NOC)

EMC SMARTS is an operations support system (OSS) that provides a service-centric approach to network management. It gives TM end-to-end visibility of its network and services, and utilises “intelligent analysis tools” to automatically pinpoint the root cause of network issues and their associated service impacts. EMC said this enables TM to implement the most expedient and efficient corrective action, resulting in the “highest possible level of service for its customers” along with increased operational efficiency.

The solution also provides a solid framework that ensures the highest level of service support and maintenance, backed by best practices and state-of-the-art technology, it claims. Rapid fault detection, faster time to action, and minimised service downtime are some of the additional benefits of the SMARTS solution.

Commenting on the collaboration, Giorgio Migliarina, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, TM said: “HSBB network infrastructure is built from a heterogeneous collection of hardware and software. The network becomes exponentially more complex as it expands. With EMC SMARTS, we are able to identify any issues that cause service disruption as well as other connectivity challenges in such a multi-layered environment, hence reducing downtime and minimising the need for expert resources and related time cost.”

Meanwhile, Cheam Tat Inn, Managing Director, EMC Malaysia said, “Our commitment to our customers is to enable world class technology transformation – for their businesses and end users. We are glad that we have enabled TM, Malaysia’s leading integrated information and telecommunications service provider, to take control of their complex network infrastructure and reach new heights in customer satisfaction. We believe that TM’s investment will contribute strategically and extensively to the sustainable technology infrastructure development in Malaysia. We congratulate them for their foresight.”

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