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Malaysian Mobile Content Provider (MMCP) signs MoU with Internet Alliance (IA)

In an effort to promote global collaboration in development of the internet, mobile and e-commerce industry, Malaysian Mobile Content Provider (MMCP) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Internet Alliance (IA).


According to both association, the MoU between Malaysian Mobile Content Provider (MMCP) and Internet Alliance (IA) lays out plans for collaborations and partnerships focused on delivering unity collaborations between industries. MMCP and IA will work together to provide access information on potential opportunities with the relevant personnel and create information exchanges focused on how to meet the challenges between various industries. The partnership will extend to promotional activities such as in co-organizing events, seminars and trade exhibitions both locally and overseas. 

“The collaboration between MMCP and IA is an important milestones in the effort to meet the challenges of the industry as there are many challenges to be met to ensure a wide uptake of mobile, internet and e-commerce industry. Only through an established collaboration on a local and later regional stage, can we hope to bring together the expertise of all industries to tackle this challenge head on” said Johary Mustapha, President of MMCP.

“Consolidation could already be seen across the globe, and if we do not consolidate our efforts across other industries and associations, the local industry would be left behind and often play the role of follower instead of innovator” he added.

Internet Alliance claims it is an association for all Internet service providers(ISPs) ranging from data centers, web hosters, solution providers to web designers and many more. It is formed to represent the Internet industry by providing information and services on numerous key areas such as seeking government’s help/attention, defining legal framework to protect the industry players, expanding Malaysia’s market, providing education on websites and internet usage. Some of its members include IPServerOne, MOLPay, AIMS, Exabytes, Extreme Broadband, Lelong, Cari, kinitv, serverware, Youbeli, Innity & others.

The Malaysian Mobile Content Providers Association (MMCP), was initiated back in 2006 as a platform for all Mobile Content Providers (CPs) to come together under one banner to better address issues raised and ensure the interest of CPs are protected.

Also present at the MoU signing ceremony is Shahrain Mohd Shahrain Jamaluddin, Head of Client Management, Creative from the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) of MSC Malaysia.

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