Monday, March 27, 2023

3 new #getclever U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) prepaid plans [Insider]

U Mobile will be launching 3 new #getclever U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) prepaid plans tomorrow.

U Mobile-getclever-Postpaid-prepaid-Plans

MalaysianWireless received an anonymous tip about this and here are the details. With the new UMI prepaid plans, customers get to enjoy:

  • Even More Internet: 50% more than Others
  • 5 sen calls to all network: Lower than competitors’ Friends & Family rate
  • New Free Call: All Day, Everyday Free Call to ALL U Mobile

The 3 new U Mobile Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) prepaid plans:


The UMI 20 plan cost RM20 and comes with 500MB and 20min of free voice calls to all networks.

UMI 30 comes with 1.5Gb data and is charged RM30/month, free 30min of voice calls to all networks. Meanwhile UMI 50 offers 3GB of data and 50min of calls to all networks, all at RM50/month.

With the 3 new UMI prepaid plans, customers are given free 30min of voice calls everyday to within network when they reload. Voice calls are charged 10sen/min. Each plans comes with a 30 days validity and will be auto renewed. There are no free SMS in the new UMI plans. Data speeds will be throttled once users reach the allocated data quota of each plan.

In our opinion, the new UMI prepaid plans offers the cheapest voice call rate in the market at 10sen/min.

With the launch of these UMI prepaid plans, U Mobile now offers 4 UMI plans, they are UMI 20, 30, 38 and 50. The internal document reveals that U Mobile will discontinue the older UMI 18, 28 and 48 plans, except for the UMI 38. Users could still keep the old UMI plans (UMI 18, 28, 48) for as long as auto-renewal are successful, till further notice.

Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) is an add-on Internet plan for U Mobile prepaid subscribers. These mobile Internet plan comes with free airtime and SMS (UMI 38 only).

The new UMI 20, UMI 30 and UMI 50 plans are expected to be launched tomorrow. Follow MalaysianWireless on Facebook for live updates.

Disclaimer: All information published in this article are yet to be verified, stay tuned for official updates tomorrow afternoon.

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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