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Huawei Watch unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015, runs Android Wear

The Huawei Watch was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015 yesterday, the first smartwatch in the Huawei wearable family.


Huawei Watch runs Android Wear, a version of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatch and other wearables.

The fully circular watch features a 1.4-inch touch-sensitive AMOLED display, scratch-proof sapphire crystal lens, cold-forged stainless steel frame, and comes with a built-in heart rate monitor and 6-Axis motion sensors.

Huawei said the that its new smartwatch is designed by a team of experienced watch designers that have a rich history in creating fashionable and timeless watches. The device boasts a sparkling AMOLED 1.4-inch display at 400 x 400 pixels resolution in 286 ppi at a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio.

Made of more than 130 components, Huawei Watch has a crown, frame and hinge built from high-quality and scratch resistant cold-forged stainless steel making it 40 percent harder, the company said. The Huawei Watch comes in three stylish colors: gold, silver and black.

Compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher, Huawei Watch is powered by a Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor, includes 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM and Bluetooth 4.1.

There are more than 40 unique watch faces will be available to choose from, including a full range of watch straps made from different materials, and styles. The Huawei Watch will come with a magnetic charging station.

Huawei Watch features a heart rate monitor sensor, 6-Axis motion sensor, and barometer sensor that automatically detects and tracks in real-time if a user is walking, running, biking, hiking or sleeping. Specifically, users can monitor everything from the number of calories burned, to heart rate, climbing height, steps taken, and distance travelled, it said.

Huawei Watch will be available in more than 20 countries including United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates.

Exact availability and pricing will be announced at a future date in each of the local markets.

No announcement for Malaysia yet.

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