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Akamai: Average Internet Connection Speed in Malaysia is 4.1Mbps, Mobile at 2.6Mbps

Akamai Technologies, Inc., one of the world largest content delivery network with servers all around the world, recently released its State of the Internet Report (SOTI) for Quarter 4, 2014, measuring Internet connection speeds all around the world.


In the report, Akamai revealed the following Internet connection statistic for Malaysia:


  • Average Internet connection speed in Malaysia is at 4.1Mbps, global rank at 75
  • Average Mobile Internet connection speed is 2.6Mbps
  • Average Internet connection peak speed is 29.6Mbps, global rank at 62
  • Average mobile Internet connection peak speed is 20.1Mbps
  • 3.7% of the Internet connection speed in Malaysia are above 10Mbps, improved 115% from 2013, global rank at 58
  • 40% of the Internet connection speed in Malaysia are above 4Mbps, global rank at 71
  • 12% of the mobile Internet connection speed in Malaysia are above 4Mbps
  • Not 4k ready, only 0.9% of the Internet connection are above 15Mbps

Apart from connection speeds, Akamai also revealed that the average webpage load time via Broadband in Malaysia is at 4658ms while via mobile it is at 5028ms.

South Korea has the fastest average Internet connection speed in the world at 22.2Mbps followed by Hong Kong (16.8Mbps), Japan (15.2Mbps), Sweden (14.6Mbps), Switzerland (14.5Mbps), Netherlands (14.2Mbps), Latvia (13Mbps), Ireland (12.7Mbps), Czech Republic (12.3Mbps), and Finland (12.1Mbps). The average Internet connection speed globally is at 4.5Mbps.

As for the Global average peak connection speed, Hong Kong leads at 87.7Mbps followed by Singapore (84Mbps), South Korea (75.4Mbps), Japan (69Mbps), Romania (67Mbps), Taiwan (64.2Mbps), Uruguay (63.3Mbps), Qatar (62.8Mbps), Israel (60.5Mbps) and Latvia (60.2Mbps). The average peak Internet connection globally is at 26.9Mbps.

79% of the Internet connection in South Korea are above 10Mbps, the highest in the world. It is followed by Hong Kong (60%), Switzerland, Netherlands and Japan each at 56%.

In terms of mobile Internet connection, Singapore has the fastest peak connection speed in Asia Pacific at 157.3Mbps.

[Download PDF]– Akamai State of the Internet Report Q4, 2014

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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