Thursday, March 23, 2023

P1 offers 1 month free Internet, zero upfront payment, unlimited packages

Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (P1) today announced its new “Ready to P1ay” campaign that gives consumers one free month of Internet with zero upfront payment and unlimited Internet.

P1-Ready-To P1ay

The campaign starts today for a limited time period. During this campaign period, customers who sign up for selected plans from P1 will not be required to pay any up front payment. Plus, they will get to enjoy a 1-month promotional discount which will be reflected in their first bill. Campaign offers are valid for P1 ForHome and ToGo plans with a 24-month contract. 

P1 ForHome plans comes with the DX230 WiMAX desktop modem and the following options:

  • P1 ForHome 59: 1Mbps speed, Nett pricing at RM51.94, 5GB data
  • P1 ForHome 109: 1Mbps speed, Nett pricing at RM104.94, Unlimited Internet
    P1 ForHome 159: 2Mbps speed, Nett pricing at RM157.94, Unlimited Internet

P1 ToGo plans comes with the MX230 MiFi modem:

  • P1 ToGo 59: 1Mbps speed, Nett pricing at RM62.54, 5GB quota
  • P1 ToGo 109: 1Mbps speed, Nett pricing at RM115.54, Unlimited Internet
  • P1 ToGo 159: 2Mbps speed, Nett pricing at RM168.54, Unlimited Internet

Despite the unlimited Internet offering, P1 stated in its terms and conditions that “Speed will be reduced after exceeding 100GB/month and will return to normal in the next billing cycle.”

There are no upfront payment and customers get to enjoy the 1st month free when subscribing to the above plans, however activation and registration fee applies:

  • Activation Fee: RM106 (Charged in 1st bill)
  • Registration Fee: RM53 (Charged as RM10.60 x first 5 bills).

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Lai Shu Wei, who introduced the new campaign, said this latest offer was a culmination of improvements happening at the network on the back of the new partnership with TM and SK Telecom.

P1’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Lai Shu Wei

“We want to welcome new customers to experience P1 newly enhanced 4G network, because we are confident of giving them a better experience now. Why do I say this with such confidence? The partnership announced with TM last year has benefited us greatly in terms of providing additional resources that have gone towards improving network reliability and capacity. Thus, we hope to make it easy for new customers to sign up through our zero upfront payment promotion, so they can also experience the difference on P1 4G network.”

“In the long-term, we have already stated our plans to get our network mobile-ready through the deployment of 4G LTE. As we do this, we are simultaneously optimizing the network to increase capacity and enhance user experience. Thus, throughout this campaign, we encourage Internet users to try our services and let us know their feedback,” he added.

During this campaign, the public can also participate through various activities and contests on P1’s Facebook Page – P1 Connect , where attractive prizes will be given away to lucky winners.

“Customer experience remains our main focus. As we move forward as part of the TM family, you can be sure that there will be more exciting announcements to come. This is all anchored around the customer, and we’re making every effort to deliver the best experience to the customer as possible by exploring new ways of working and doing things differently. Stay tuned.” concluded Shu Wei.

More details on the P1 website.

[Link]– P1 Ready to P1ay

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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