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JOOX music Video streaming service coming soon, for free

The latest music streaming streaming service in Malaysia, JOOX, will soon offer music video streaming to its customers, for free. JOOX, is developed by Tencent, the company behind popular social messaging service, WeChat.


The JOOX music app features separate and unique interfaces for the three main music groups in Malaysia: Hits Melayu, Chinese and International. In addition, JOOX also features artists and bands from Korea, Japan and Western market. 

Without going into much details, Dennis Hau, Head of International Product Centre, International Business Group at Tencent told MalaysianWireless that the company intends to offer the new music video streaming service “soon”, available in free and premium option. “Its a matter of content readiness, the technology is already there”.

Dennis shared that bandwidth for video streaming “is not that costly, we already have infrastructure that we can leverage.” The new video streaming will be available to all free and premium JOOX users at no additional cost. Video streaming requires a faster mobile Internet connection speed preferably 3G/4G/WiFi for a smooth experience. JOOX has a local Internet server in Malaysia.

JOOX is also looking at other new features such as fan pages for artist. Denis said the company is considering “features that allow fans to follow their favorite artist, so that artist know who are their fans”.

To understand user’s “taste in music” better, JOOX is continuously conducting surveys via the JOOX music app, website, Facebook and WeChat. It also has an advanced tracking system which tracks the song/artist that users click, reject, skip to deliver better personalised music to each users.

The JOOX music streaming app works on Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones, currently available in two version, free and premium. Premium users will receive further add-on benefits such as access to the latest music, being able to download songs for offline usage, ad-free music streaming and high definition quality soundtracks.

Pricing for JOOX VIP Services (Premium):

  • 1 month: RM14.90
  • 3 months: RM40.90
  • 6 months: RM73.90
  • 1 year: RM136.90

First time users who sign-up will each get free VIP service for 30 days before moving back to the standard free-tier.

Key features of the JOOX music streaming application according to Tencent:

  • Huge Library – Instantly access music from all over the world
  • Free Radio – Access over 20 radio stations for free
  • Recommended Playlists – Find playlists that fit your mood
  • Personalized Music – Customize your playlists with your favorite jams for every occasion
  • Real-Time Sharing – Share your tunes with WeChat friends and on your Moments

Malaysia is the 2nd country to offer JOOX. Tencent first launched the service in Hong Kong in January 2015. To date, JOOX has partnered with Sony Music, OSM, Universal Music and Warner Music to offer the music streaming service in Malaysia. Dennis added that JOOX will launch in other “potential markets” in South East Asia within next couple of months.

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