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OPPO Care smartphone protection plan launched

OPPO Malaysia has officially launched its new smartphone protection plan called OPPO Care.


The “insurance plan” is a 12-months additional protection plan that extends the original warranty of an OPPO smartphone, with protection ranging from drop damage to water damage. 

OPPO customers can now purchase the new OPPO Care service at the price of RM68 for new OPPO devices below RM1200 and RM98 for new OPPO devices above RM1200.

Upon registration, customers will be enjoy OPPO Care free repair service if the repair costs incurred (determined by OPPO) does not exceed 85% of the original price of the smartphone. Customers will need to bear the price difference if the repair costs incurred exceed 85% of the phone price. OPPO Care service can only be used once and it is terminated after the service is completed.

All OPPO smartphone users may sign up for OPPO Care directly from any OPPO concept stores including for users who purchased their OPPO devices from authorized dealers.

“In OPPO, we truly believe that the art of business is not by just selling a smartphone to customer than it will be the end of the story, it’s the aftersales customer service that is going to keep your customer from remembering you and come back to you. We have our loyal customers’ best interest in heart. We understand sometimes when you experience dysfunctional phone especially when you have to replace the printed-circuit board (PCB) or a HD display screen will cost a fortune and we would like to bear the cost with you to make your experience with OPPO entirely pleasant,” said Boyce Lee, Overseas Customer Service Manager.

“We have tested out OPPO Care in Klang Valley for a month now before we officially launched it. The responses from our customers are wildly positive, a lot of OPPO users purchase the OPPO Care together with their high end smartphone such as R7 Plus and R7. We are pleased to see the result so far and we are confident that the number will increase in a period of time” he added.

More details on the OPPO Malaysia website.

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