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HappyFresh: Majority of online grocery shoppers are Women

HappyFresh, an online grocery delivery mobile app, revealed that the majority of online grocery shoppers are between 22 and 40 years old. It said, most of them – approximately 80% – are women, who place their orders weekly and the preferred method of payment is cash-on-delivery (COD). The most popular time to place orders is 5:00pm on weekdays and fresh produce accounts for 50% of every order.


Working mothers outnumber all other customers buying groceries online. The top five most ordered items being milk, eggs, onions, bananas and, naturally, baby diapers. The next biggest group is comprised of young professionals and expatriates, whose top 5 buys are mushrooms, tomatoes, spaghetti, Coke and chicken breast. Unlike working mothers, Malaysian yuppies and expats prefer to pay with credit cards.

“Buying food online is becoming increasingly popular as it is easy and convenient, with the average shopping basket growing by 66% between the first and third order,” said Markus Bihler, Chief Executive Officer of HappyFresh.

The HappyFresh app was launched in Malaysia back in March 2015. The mobile app works on iOS and Android.

Markus Bihler, described how the idea for HappyFresh came about when the founding team was discussing the difficulties of fitting fresh meals into their busy routines. “The only way was to eat out all the time. But we wanted to know what was going into our food and enjoyed being able to prepare simple meals at home. Having fresh groceries delivered to your doorstep presented the solution,” Markus Bihler said.

The app allows consumers to shop from supermarkets around Kuala Lumpur and in selected areas of Klang Valley, and have the groceries delivered in as little as one hour. The service is also available in Jakarta (Indonesia), Taipei (Taiwan) and Bangkok (Thailand).

To place an order via HappyFresh, simply login to the app, set address, add products to the cart, check out, and choose a delivery slot.

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