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NICE Systems: Celcom Customer Service Satisfaction improved

NICE Systems announced last week that Celcom Axiata Berhad, has realized a significant improvement in customer satisfaction since implementing the NICE Fizzback solution in November 2014. Throughout its retail branches, NPS (net promoter score) has increased by 15 points, while its contact center operations have seen a 16-point NPS improvement.


NICE said its Fizzback solution enables organizations around the globe to capture, understand and most importantly, drive action from the voice of their customers. 

As a result of its success with the NICE Voice of the Customer solution, Celcom has been named a winner of the 2015 NICE Innovation Award. The solution allows the company to make strategic decisions based on the analysis of large amounts of customer data, NICE said. It also provides managers and frontline employees increased visibility and helps them take immediate action to prevent customer churn.

For instance, within 30 minutes of every interaction with a customer service agent, whether in person or over the phone (voice call), Celcom customers receive a survey asking them to comment and rate on their experience and level of satisfaction. The company can quickly reach out to customers expressing any dissatisfaction and make sure their needs are being met.

According to Celcom, as part of its “clearly defined customer experience strategy”, the company invested in customer satisfaction tools in order to create unforgettable experiences for its users. This contributed to the significant improvement in its customer service, as the NICE Fizzback solution allowed Celcom to immediately act on the feedback it received following all interactions, it claims.

“The NICE solution helps Celcom create perfect experiences by proactively reaching out to customers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with its services. Our closed-loop feedback technology delivers data directly to frontline employees, which in turn means faster responses and greater retention success,” said Raghav Sahgal, President of NICE Asia Pacific. “The success of the solution is clear – Celcom has already increased its NPS scores by 15-16 points across the board within just six months of launch.”

NICE solutions are used by over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Celcom also won several awards from Frost & Sullivan in 2014, namely the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards for M2M Service Provider of the Year, 2014 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Best Customer Experience in Telecommunications at the inaugural Frost & Sullivan Best Practices in Customer Experience Awards programme.

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