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U Mobile iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus: Plans & Pricing [Insider]

MalaysianWireless has learned from a reliable source close to Apple that U Mobile iPhone 6s will be available from as low RM1908 without contract.

U Mobile iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus retail pricing in Malaysia (RRP):

iPhone 6s:
16GB- RM2925.60
64GB- RM3376.10
128GB- RM3826.60

iPhone 6s:
16GB- RM3376.10
64GB– RM3826.60
128GB- RM4277.10

The U Mobile iPlans will be offered with the new iPhones. The iPlans are available in prepaid and postpaid plans.

U Mobile i40 (RM42.40/month) plan iPhone subsidised pricing:

  • iPhone 6s 16GB: RM2671.20
  • iPhone 6s 64GB: RM3121.70
  • iPhone 6s 128GB: RM3572.20
  • iPhone 6s Plus 16GB: RM3121.70
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64GB: RM3572.20
  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB: RM4022.70

U Mobile i60 (RM63.60) plan iPhone subsidised pricing:

  • iPhone 6s 16GB: RM2544.00
  • iPhone 6s 64GB: RM2994.50
  • iPhone 6s 128GB: RM3445.00
  • iPhone 6s Plus 16GB: RM2994.50
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64GB: RM3445.00
  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB: RM3895.50

U Mobile i90 (RM95.40) plan iPhone subsidised pricing:

  • iPhone 6s 16GB: RM2289.60
  • iPhone 6s 64GB: RM2740.10
  • iPhone 6s 128GB: RM3190.60
  • iPhone 6s Plus 16GB: RM2740.10
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64GB: RM3190.60
  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB: RM3641.10

U Mobile i130 (RM137.80/month) plan iPhone subsidised pricing:

  • iPhone 6s 16GB: RM1908.00
  • iPhone 6s 64GB: RM2358.50
  • iPhone 6s 128GB: RM2809.00
  • iPhone 6s Plus 16GB: RM2358.50
  • iPhone 6s Plus 64GB: RM2809.00
  • iPhone 6s Plus 128GB: RM3259.50

We will reveal the iPhone pricing for the and plans later.

As for the U Mobile iPlans itself, most part of it remains the same. Our source told us that i90 would come with 7GB data and unlimited calls, i130 with 10GB data and unlimited calls while the i60 data has been upgraded to 5GB data. We can’t confirm other details yet.

There are no contracts however customers will have to pay for the subsidised iPhone price plus the monthly fee of the iPlans (x 24 months which be rebated every month).

U Mobile is expected to do a midnight launch at 12.01am (16 Oct), at its U Mobile service centre, Berjaya Times Square.

On Sunday, MalaysianWireless also revealed that U Mobile will offer flexi payment for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

With Flexi U MicroCredit from the U Mobile, customers who purchase the new iPhone can select their financing amount from RM1,000 to RM3,500 (believed to be RM1k, RM1.5k, RM2k, RM2.5k, RM3k, RM3.5 k), choose between 12-36 repayment month (12, 24, 30, 36) and then settle the balance amount of the iPhone’s retail price with cash or credit card. Interest rate is flat at 1.2%.

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Disclaimer: All U Mobile iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus plans and pricing published above are rumours and has not been verified by U Mobile at the point of writing. MalaysianWireless is not responsible for the accuracy of the information published above (all iPhone plans and pricing has been approved by Apple but we are not sure if U Mobile made any further changes).

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