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Digi CyberSAFE drives online safety with CyberSecurity Malaysia & UNICEF

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd in partnership with CyberSecurity Malaysia, recently organised a social experiment to highlight the importance of having secured online identity on all media social platforms.

Digi CyberSAFE Internet Safety Social Experiment
Digi CyberSAFE Internet Safety Social Experiment

Under the pretense of a mind-reading session, a social experiment known as the Digi CyberSAFE Internet Safety Social Experiment, was held in conjunction with the Kuala Lumpur Engineering Science Fair (KLESF), an initiative that aim to promote interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) among primary and secondary school students.

The social experiment used the gimmick of a futuristic technology that is capable of identifying a participant’s memory and thought patterns through technology. During the experiment, the facilitator revealed participants’ personal details whilst experts from CyberSecurity Malaysia combed and searched for their information through their unsecured social media accounts. The social experiment ends with a briefing session on online safety awareness, with an emphasis on how to strengthen and secure their online identity and social media activities.

About 3,000 visitors of KLESF also participated in Digi’s dipstick survey on social media lifestyle and safety, and other activities that were featured at Digi’s booth. The visitors were educated on what CyberBullying, CyberStalking and CyberGrooming are through short sketches performed live.

“While most people want to believe that the Internet is reliable and safe, they are not aware that our personal information can easily be accessed without proper protection of privacy. Hence, this social experiment is important to create impact with the public to trigger further awareness on internet risks as Digi believes in empowering stronger digital citizens who are more resilient to online risks,” said Philip Ling, Digi’s Programme Manager for Sustainability.

“As Malaysian Internet users continue to be victims of fraud and phishing due to lack of knowledge on cyber security, we would like to perform a reality check through this experiential social experiment which will be beneficial in creating the much needed awareness on how important it is to have a proper secured online identity,” added Lt. Col. Mustaffa Ahmad (Retired), Vice President of Outreach and Capacity Building Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia.

Digi CyberSAFE Parental Guidebook launched
Digi CyberSAFE Parental Guidebook launched

In conjunction with KLESF, Digi together with UNICEF Malaysia, also launched a parental guide aimed at helping parents to not only understand and familiarise with the current social media scene but also to recognise the potential risks and preventive solutions to each of these popular social media channels. More importantly, the guide also provides conversation starters on various topics that parents can use for starting discussions with their children to make safe and responsible decisions when surfing the internet.

The parental guide is available in English, Malay and Chinese and includes an interesting reading on current social media landscape complete with a list of popular social media apps. The guidebook also talks about the possible risks online and real-life stories as reference in relation to families and online safety. It can be downloaded from the Digi CyberSAFE website.

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