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Here’s what Malaysians have to say about Maxis, Malaysia’s Best Data network

We asked our followers on MalaysianWireless Facebook about their thoughts on Maxis network, Malaysia’s Best Data network.


These are their response:

1. Ahmad Qushairy- Expensive data.

2. Fizal Saad- Drop calls

3. Muhamad Lokman Naim- Expensive data n no interesting.internet packages

4. Cassian Wong- Misleading advertising

5. Hafiz Cruxidex- 3G speeds is just slow or not moving at all in many towns.. My worst is bandar baru bangi almost everywhere 3G not moving. 4G as alwiz superbly fast n stable.

6. Muhammed Idraki Norazmi- Slow 3G Speed

7. Choon Yong- i use the maxis 3G line and 4G line in sarawak is consider good no problem , before i use digi line in my housing area still dont have line until now…

8. Wilson Chee- The coverage is wide but weak at most indoor! And few of my frens feedback that the quota will be “finished” every mid of month whether u use or not use… Funny

9. Hadi Zainal- I think from what I’ve heard & saw, 3G looks the same for all ISP which is slow or sometimes quite okay. But from 4G side, both ISP are doing good with more coverage is being build up & decent speed.

10. Saran Ram- Their adverts doesn’t live up to the actual reality.

11. Jimi Jr Jimi- And other telcos their customer never complaint? Whoaaaa i would like to sign up with them then

12. Syam Suzura- It sucks…! Unstable, lots of uncovered area and even their home fibre also having lots of connection error… i want to switch but have to wait for contract end. Damn…

13. Kevin Ng Teck Kuan- Ok for me most of the time, but kinda annoying when indoor at Aeon Bukit Tinggi Klang, LTE will drop to H+ suddenly to E then back to LTE / H+

14. Jack Lolz- At my housing area… Maxis LTE didn’t perform up to my expectations. Their average is almost 40 mbps now based on their website. Bt the speed I got is juz a quarter of it. Feels like the methodology they used doesn’t represent the real user experience.

15. Foo Ce Sheng- maxis is very expensive and the network is quite worse in kampung area.. in city, internet is good but i will go for wider coverage and affordable celcom package

16. MaR’s Page– Maxis refuse to upgrading 3g network in my area even a lot of customer ask for it. My location: Pakan, Sarikei

17. Tee Zee- they ought to give more data to postpaid subscribers. RM50 got 1gb data only!

18. Jon Mohamed- Again, its data offering is too expensive… Esp for postpaid customers

19. Eric Toh- Enjoy longer validity to surf high speed with 500MB 30-days Mobile Internet pass @ only RM5

20. Aizat Aziz- Kredit hilang tiba2….

21. Loh Seng- From an outsider standpoint (Singapore), I usually go West Malaysia for leisure and use Data Roaming to surf the web. Maxis, claiming having the best network for data, couldn’t even catch up with DiGi for my usage pattern.

Celcom is by far the most reliable of the three telcos. Couldn’t test U Mobile because of lack of coverage. Imo, it’s better off choosing Celcom over Maxis in terms of reliability and speed, at least for people that regularly goes or stays in Johor state.

22. LuCas Chiah- I used maxis and celcom, as a compare about north coverage in Penang and Sp Kedah. 3G and 4G indoor coverage and speed, maxis is much better than celcom… But about the price, maxis is expensive than celcom. So have budget and heavy user on call and data, go for maxis.

23. Abdullah Zainol Abidin- In my location maxis only have E and overage only 2 bar max

24. Mam Anas- if 1gb data is okay…if want to add 1gb..must add rm10 for 1gb data…so expensive….

25. Eric A Chu- My place….internet maxis so slow…4g… biscut………complain never work………always…..same problem

26. Li Xing- laju bodo laen maxis, KAH KAH KAH KAH

27. Leon Gioring- Free basic internet is 500mb compared to 3gb which it used to, simply not enough

28. Sorensen Khaleefa- Very very expensive. They implement midnight data allocation even for prepaid plans, for what? It’s 2015 already, we know data price is no longer that high.

29. AZufrie AR- So many drop calls

30. Lee Kuan Siong- maxis data add on very expensive !! digi data cheap but slow like turtle!!!

31. Jason Tan- Suddenly no coverage at TK1 for few minutes during thunderstorm juz now, I don’t care about the price, What I need is only a reliable network

32. Stanleychin Yan Yie- At melaka,maxis 4G still the best,celcom got few problem..

33. Choon Yong- maxis data is expensive but if i open instagram by compare maxis and digi the speed coming out the photo is before i scroll down the photo already come out and digi even i scroll down and scroll back up photo haven come out yet..

34. JOe ENz- because Maxis was proven SUCKS…!! too many agenda and hidden matters.. will NEVER EVER trust this damn telco

35. Zhi Hao Looi- Congestion always, complaint to customer service, but they say is normal, and they changed the contracted quota of their post paid plan

36. Shanmugam Inderan- Malaysian Wireless is clearly not an independent network reviewer . Obviously they are paid to condemn Maxis . All operators have their weak points & poor coverage area .. why are you not highlighting other telco issues as well .Each time network performance test is done, comparison across all telcos are not done ..Shame on u Malaysian Wireless !

37. Eric Toh- Need to offer super affordable mobile internet passes. For example. 500MB for RM5 @ 1 month.

38. Isfyandie Barji- nasib didn’t subscribe for their postpaid… tried using maxis hotlink… full H+, cant browse a single web. loc: Kuching

39. Rith Siya- Maxis is the worse network

40. Azra Fakri- My place 4G signal is strong but my house mate’s celcom 4G is a hit and miss. So you can’t say that maxis is always bad… Hmmm

41. Shaun Kok- Maxis: 4G speed is quite pretty fast and stable but its 3G network sometimes very slow until can’t do proper streaming on mobile phone, especially in peak times due to heavy congestion, even when the signal is on full bar. 2G/3G coverage can be bad in some areas if compared to Celcom. However the connection more stable than others anyway if compared to others.

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Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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