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Opera for Android browser now with Video Compression, to save data usage

Opera launched new versions of both Opera Mini for Android, and the full Opera browser for Android, with new features like video compression, installable web apps, better downloads and improved tab switching. In addition, both Android browsers come with the new and upgraded Opera logo.


The video compression in Opera for Android offers faster video streaming and lower data usage according to the browser company. Check out the video below on how to activate the new video compression feature in Opera for Android.

There’s also a new feature called installable web apps in Opera for Android. When a user clicks “Add to Home Screen” after loading a site in Opera, a shortcut to a site is placed on the home screen of their device, allowing for “an app-like experience” in the web browser.

As for Opera Mini for Android, the download manage is now improved with notification feature. Users will be notified when their files are finished downloading.

For tab browsing, Opera Mini for Android tabs will now open in the background with the option to quickly switch between them, allowing users to navigate across multiple sites.

“To grow our Android user-base from 145 million to 275 million users by 2017, we are dedicated to introducing features that give a superior user experience. The strong lineup of features and with the introduction of the new and fresh Opera logo, is a milestone in our aggressive growth path in the Android market,” says Lars Boilesen, CEO of Opera.

“Last week, we updated our desktop browser, and now that the Android products are out with the new logo, our new brand identity is available for well over 200 million users globally.” Opera said in a statement.

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