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Setia Alam gets Digi 4G LTE coverage, “first people’s tower “

Setia Alam, a township located in Shah Alam (Selangor), now has Digi 4G LTE coverage. It is the first people’s network tower according to Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd.

Christian Thrane, Digi's Chief Marketing Officer with residents of Setia Alam.
Christian Thrane, Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer with residents of Setia Alam.

In mid-November, Digi launched an online campaign for customers to help rollout its network by nominating their town of choice to be the next in line to get 4G LTE service. The campaign let customers highlight locations they wish to enjoy high-speed internet coverage by tweeting the location name. Digi then promised to expand its 4G LTE network to the top 10 most voted areas, in addition to its original network rollout plan. The campaign concluded on 15 December 2015. 

In no particular order, the Top 10 most voted areas for Digi 4G LTE coverage are:

  • Setia Alam, Selangor
  • Jejawi, Perlis
  • Lunas, Kedah
  • Arau, Perlis
  • Batu Gajah, Perak
  • Limbang, Sarawak
  • Papar, Sabah
  • Tenom, Sabah
  • Bau, Sarawak
  • Simpang Renggam, Johor

Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christian Thrane said, “We knew network coverage was important to Malaysians, but seeing the genuine response to this campaign and customers nominating their areas got us very excited. It gave us another avenue to listen closely to our customers on where they would like to enjoy consistent high-speed internet, which was valuable input into our work to build 4G LTE access for more people, and strengthen our coverage position.”

Even though the campaign had recently ended, Digi’s engineers were determined to complete one of the Top 10 most voted areas as a great way to close-off the year for its customers. “We wanted to give our customers a special year-end surprise and what better way than to gift 4G LTE – that’s why we’re powering-up 4G LTE in Setia Alam today. We’re calling this the first people’s tower and that’s what it truly is – the people’s choice. The enthusiastic local community of Setia Alam campaigned hard to put their area on the rollout map, we heard them and we’re delivering 4G LTE right to their doorstep.”

“We are excited that Malaysians see the value of good 4G LTE coverage, and look forward to see Digi customers enjoy a consistent high-speed internet experience on-the-go with for all they want to do: high-quality video and music streaming, faster sharing on social media and internet browsing, and more. We will bring 4G LTE to all Top 10 areas in 2016.”

On plans moving forward, Christian said that Digi will continue to steadily fast-track its network rollout to enable more Malaysians to enjoy consistent high-speed internet services on-the-go. “We are closing the year in a solid network position, but we know there is more work to do. We believe that every Malaysian should have the opportunity to benefit from being connected. We will continue investing heavily in building a high-quality network that is wide, and as importantly, focus on network density to ensure customers get equally seamless high-quality 4G LTE service – consistency, capacity and indoor coverage – anywhere within our coverage areas.”

Digi claims that it now has a 60% population coverage nationwide in 80 major cities and towns, measured at a minimum signal strength quality of -110dBm. Digi has also switched on its 4G LTE-Advanced (4G LTE-A) network nationwide with a 22% coverage footprint, reaching an average 50% population coverage in key market centres, it said.

In addition to delivering 4G LTE and 4G LTE-A services, Digi is already working to bring Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) and Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi) services, and compatible 4G LTE smartphones to customers in 2016. VoLTE will improve call experiences for customers with higher quality audio, faster call connections and simultaneous use of data, while VoWiFi will help customers enjoy improved indoor voice call services.

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