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Tune Talk – SWAG multi-operator MiFi device, speed tested up to 160Mbps

Tune Talk is set to launch a new portable mobile Wifi (MiFi) device called “Tune Talk 8G” in Q3 this year. The device is developed by a Malaysian company called Swag Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (SWAG stands for Super WiFi Anywhere you Go).


Unveiled at the SWAG booth in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, Barcelona, Spain, the Mifi device combines mobile services from multiple operators to deliver the best broadband speed, coverage and Internet experience.


In a speedtest demonstration conducted by SWAG, it managed to record a combined download speed of up to 160Mbps via 4 main mobile operators in Malaysia (video at the end of this post).

SWAG is a “patent-pending solution that merges mobile spectrum from multiple network operators and technologies into a single mobile wifi hotspot that always delivers the best possible mobile connectivity”.

The cutting-edge technology is expected to make Malaysia the first country in the world to be able to experience such optimal usage of bandwidth of various mediums, as opposed to the current market model, which is fractured by service provider and not by bandwidth availability.

Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk said, “Our ‘Tune Talk 8G’ device brings a new class of approaching a common issue. The result of this effort is by far the fastest, most reliable and most ubiquitous mobile data connectivity without requiring any infrastructure upgrades. Be it in single- or multi-user scenarios, Tune Talk 8G will deliver the best possible mobile connectivity and security for enterprise users, first responders and everyday users, urban or otherwise.“

“The 8G speed shall lead to new applications ranging from offering boundless Internet access to people on the go, to offering more reliable, more secure and dependable Internet for first responders or critical enterprise use, to significantly enhancing the offerings in underserved and rural areas. This introduction will forever change the mobile landscape in Malaysia and Tune Talk is proud to play a part in leading the way together with our partnership with our enabler, SWAG!” he added.

SWAG CEO, Raphael Mannadiar, a Phd in Computer Science explains “The basis for this service is the WR1 by SWAG, which merges mobile spectrum across multiple network operators into a single mobile Wi-Fi hotspot to revolutionize the way in which we use and experience mobile internet. By fully utilizing multiple available networks simultaneously, users will be able to enjoy data speeds and connection robustness at multiples of current service providers. (Tune Talk have measured stable stationary and drive test speeds of up to 160 Mbps, unheard of in Malaysia. They have also measured average speeds of 66 Mbps during high-usage, peak-congestion.) While it is not intended as a substitute to fibre, this ground-breaking service can easily and seamlessly do so in areas where fibre facilities are not available.”

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