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webe CEO talks about: 4G Speeds, Mobile Plans & Pricing, Coverage, the term “Unlimited” [Video]

Check out what CC Puan has to say about the mobile industry in Malaysia. He talks about 4G speed, unlimited plans, the design of mobile service plans and pricing to shape user’s choices, and Telco’s obsession with having the biggest coverage.

1. Don’t believe what you hear from the Telcos (webe included)

2. 4G Fastest, Not Always

CC talks about 4G being the fastest but “its not really true”, factors that impacts Internet speeds. 4G ads misused, overused….

3. Coverage. Bigger May Not Be Better 

“It’s a big deal for us telcos to boost about our biggest coverage. Biggest network coverage boost our ego more than it boost your experience. All you need to know about coverage is whether you will have a good experience. We hope you get the idea from this video that the “Biggest” is a Telco obsession that can mean very little to you”

4. Unlimited Has Become a Bad Word

“Telcos have long bastardize the word ‘unlimited’ and that has become an industry standard for service plans. ‘Unlimited’ is widely used although Terms & Conditions (ALWAYS) apply: peak/off-peak, with cap, fair usage threshold, for specific apps only, and so on. Check out this video where CC explains that in an ideal world, we can have all the data we want, however, the world is imperfect.”

5. Plans & Pricing Mind Games

webe, formally Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM).

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