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P1 is now known as webe, new 4G LTE network to launch soon

Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1) today rebranded to webe, a new “digital mobility services provider”. webe is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) with a shareholding of 72.9%.


According to the company, it will soon launch its LTE network in Malaysia, as soon as Quarter 3 this year. webe’s business and network services are approaching market readiness, on track for a commercial launch, it said. The company did not share any further details about its plan.


The new brand was announced by CC Puan, Chief Executive Officer, webe who also shared the differentiating philosophy and approach webe would take to market. A brand like no other – webe will be a community-driven brand.

CC said, “More than a year into our partnership with TM and SK Telco, our focus has been on creating an entirely new user experience. P1 is now known as webe. This isn’t just a name change, we have completely renewed our philosophy and approach to business. In terms of business, in line with TM’s aspiration of becoming Malaysia’s Convergence Champion, webe will become TM Group’s Centre of Excellence for mobility.”

“webe’s brand philosophy – ‘start here. go anywhere’ exemplifies the diversity of ways communities can come together to make things happen, for a better Malaysia. This is why, instead of introducing plans and services, we are starting with the launch of webe community. This is our commitment to being a community-driven brand; we’re creating a platform that enables Malaysians to collaborate, co-create and make things happen.

Apart from its soon to be launched mobile service, webe also has a unique crowd-backing platform to “enable Malaysians to connect, collaborate and co-create and make what Malaysians care about happen together”. webe community now have seven (7) new projects that will be crowd-backed through the community platform.

webe Community’s 7 new projects:

  1. Dengue Prediction & Alert App – An app that highlights and alerts users on dengue prone areas.
  2. WEbePOP! – A pop album featuring Malaysian independent English bands and artists from various genres
  3. KL24: Zombies – The first Malaysian-made zombie feature-length movie, available to be viewed for free online.
  4. Malaysian Virtual Field Trips – Providing virtual fieldtrips for underprivileged children from orphanages, refugee camps and indigenous communities.
  5. Cycles To China + Gombak house – Having Project Champion – David Wu cycle from Alor Setar to his ancestral village in Guang Dong, China.
  6. Malaysian Makers Market – Setting up a permanent retail space (1,000 square feet) in a high traffic tourist area to create awareness and sell high-quality, handcrafted products by Malaysian Makers.
  7. Container Classrooms – to create additional ICT classroom dedicated to students who are wheelchair-bound and with cerebral palsy and cannot reach the ICT classrooms located in the school.

webe community platform “empowers individual groups and members of the local community to band together to make things happen with people who can make it happen”.

Projects are led by Project Champions who campaign to receive backing from the community. Community members show support by pledging webits (a virtual point system used on webe) to unlock projects. webits do not cost money and have no monetary value. Instead, members get awarded with webits by providing support and spreading the word about their favourite projects.

Once enough support has been received, the project is unlocked, funded and will be executed by the project champion and team. Community members will be able to follow the implementation of their favourite projects through regular updates from project champions.

[Website]– webe

Kugan is the co-founder of MalaysianWireless. He has been observing the mobile industry since 2003. Connect with him on Twitter: @scamboy

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