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Digi Smart Prepaid now comes with 2GB weekend Internet, for life

Digi is now giving away free a total of 8GB weekend Internet every month, for life.


The free weekend Internet quota, applicable for usage via Digi’s 4G LTE network, is available to the following Digi Prepaid plans: Digi Smart Prepaid, Smart SE, Smart VP, Smart P2P, Smart MNP & Smart Bundle.

Eligible customers will receive 2GB 4G LTE quota on Saturday 12:00am till Sunday 11.59am. The free quota however, is on a opt in basis. To enjoy free 2GB of 4G LTE weekend Internet for life, customers need to redeem it by dialing *888*6# once. Afterwards the 4G LTE quota will automatically be available every weekend.

Once the free 2GB 4G LTE Internet quota is used up, Digi Smart prepaid customers will able to continue surfing with their existing mobile Internet plan or at the basic Internet speed of 64Kbps.

The Telco also recently launched a new promotion for prepaid mobile Internet plans. The promo is available for Weekly (RM7), Weekly (RM10), Weekly (RM15), Weekly (RM20), Monthly (RM30) and Monthly (RM48). With these plans, customers can choose opt for additional usage either for Unlimited Internet between 1am-7am, Facebook or Youtube surfing, or additional quota for 4G LTE usage. The promo is available until end of May 2016.

More info on the Digi website.

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